Ukrainian National Competition 2017

This year 10 films will take part in the national competition. The screenings will be held during the 2 days at 7 pm on Friday 13th of October and Saturday 14th of October. Films are alphabetically ordered. Buy all day ticket here.


AFTERTASTE 20′ Yura Katynsky Ukraine 2017

The guy comes back to the small city, where he meets his old friends. They have a good time together. In the end of the day they decided to continue their “meeting”. They get into a car with a stranger, whose motives are unknown. Such a spontaneous action turns out to be a chance to become closer to each other and find yourself.

BLOOD SAUSAGE 23′ Arkadiy Nepytaliuk Ukraine 2016

Andrii’s parents butchered a pig to make traditional Ukrainian meal, blood sausage, for Masha, their future daughter-in-law. They want to meet her as their own, to cook the best meal they can – a dish made of pig blood. But Masha is Jewish. And no one knows about it except Andrii.

EVERYTHING WILL BE ALL RIGHT 16′ Antonina Noyabrova Ukraine 2016

You can judge a country by the way it treats children and elderly. This story is about an elderly woman, who, like so many other old people in Ukraine, is struggling with poverty and need. But despite all hardships that come her way, she does not turn desperate and still hopes for the best.

GRACE 21′ Zhanna Ozirna Ukraine 2017

A young girl is looking for a change. But the old winter city can offer only the divine.

GRADUATION 97′ 19′ Pavlo Ostrikov Ukraine 2017

TV technician Roman lives a lonely life in a provincial town. For the first time since graduation, his ex-classmate Liuda, comes back to town. Nobody heard anything about her, for more than 20 years, and now Roman is trying hard not to lose her again.

HOME 12′ Iryna Tsilyk Ukraine 2016

When the path to safety has been destroyed and the enemy at the gate is forcing you to abandon your life, all that is left to do is to save the home in your heart.

KIEV MOSCOW 24′ Anna Lyubynetska Czech Republic, Ukraine 2016


Renata’s brother is away at war. One day she gets a work assignment to take care of a young man who comes from the enemy’s country.

PIGS 23′ Roman Lyubyi Ukraine 2017

A loser cop Tolik kills his wife. Turns out, her body has an incredible power – it can heal.
Out of this skill, Tolik and his friend build a good business. But one day a big client approaches them, leading the town to judgment day.

RUBBIES 21′ Marysia Nikityuk Ukraine 2016

While Tamara, the 40-year-old woman artist, who is going through an existential crisis, tries to discover whether she has got rabies from a dog, that bit her on the street, the other woman comes to her house – the young mistress of her husband.

TECHNICAL BREAK 29′ Philip Sotnychenko Ukraine 2017

Sometimes the most important events pass unnoticed. The movie follows the events that take place during the break in a supermarket. In the course of this technical break, the cashier who hides her pregnancy manages to steal items from the supermarket, sell them at the bazar and lose hope for a happy motherhood before returning to her workplace.

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