Midnight Sexy Shorts 2019

Intimate portraits, conversations, hesitation, and prohibition. Is it only about sex? Many ask about it. We can confirm – not only but it is.

FLORA 5′ Chaerin Im United States 2018

Experimental animation about gender and sexuality, the awkwardness of division. Uncanny sculptures of vagina and penis are the main element.


SUMMER HIT 19′ Berthold Wahjudi Germany 2019

Laia from Spain and Emil from Iceland are enjoying their Erasmus semester in Munich. And while Laia feels perfectly fine just having sex with Emil, he professes his love to her – but Laia does not respond. And oops – there goes the easy-going summer fling. But one can’t go on without the other.


RUBBER DOLPHIN 30′ Ori Aharon Israel 2018

A gay love story set in a one-bedroom apartment in Tel Aviv. They meet, they have sex, they fall in love. Will it last until the morning comes?


CYCLISTS 8′ Veljko Popovic Croatia 2018

The cycling season is at its peak. During the final race the two leaders are not just battling for the grand prix trophy, but also for the affection of a lady and fulfillment of their erotic fantasy. Meanwhile the small port town prepares for the arrival of a large transoceanic ship and its dashing captain…


SLUG LIFE 7′ Sophie Koko Gate United Kingdom 2018

We follow a day in the life of Tanya, a curious woman who has developed a taste for non human lovers. This time her bedroom experiments result in the manifestation of a beautiful giant slug. Has she finally found the formula for total perfection?


SARA′S INTIMATE CONFESSIONS 22′ Emilie Blichfeldt Norway 2018

After being confronted with her fear of being too big, Sara, who’s 181 cm tall and heavily built, begins to explore her perception of femininity, with her talking vulva.


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