International Competition Program

This year 15 short films will take part in International Competition of LISFF Wiz-Art. They are from different countries: France, Germany, Palestine, Ireland, Greece, Denmark, Australia, Norway, India, Canada, Azerbaijan, Russia, Poland.

AVE MARIA 15′ Basil Khalil Palestine, France, Germany 2015

The silent routine of 5 Palestinian nuns living in the West Bank wilderness is disturbed when an Israeli settler family breaks down right outside the convent just as the Sabbath comes into effect.

CHANGE IN THE WEATHER 17` Muiris Crowley Ireland 2015

Michael, a young man living in rural Ireland, struggles to adjust to a sudden change in his furtive lifestyle.

FOREVER YOUNG 21′ Spiros Charalambous Greece 2014

On the last night of August, Nikos will make love for the first time. When September dawns, Maria will start her new life.

GOODNIGHT BIRDY 24′ Zara Zerny Denmark 2015

When Greta’s husband dies, she is convinced that she will die from sorrow. But the heart has its own ways of surviving, and a sudden meeting with a couple of wise old ladies changes Greta’s perspective. Soon she realizes, that there is nothing left to do but keep on going, as long as she can.

HOMEBODIES 15′ Yianni Warnock Australia 2015

A suburban housewife speaks to a stranger on the Internet. A suburban husband wraps his body in seared Christmas lights and sits in the bathtub. Serendipitously, in trying to escape their lives, this disconnected couple are brought together in the most banal and domestic of fashions.

LUCIE 19′ Ran Li China 2015

After a big fight, teenage girl Lucie steals her boyfriend’s dearest motorcycle for revenge. She rides out into town but later realizes the journey might be easy to start but hard to end.

OVERPASS 19′ Patrice Laliberté Canada 2015

One night, Mathieu, 17, goes under an overpass to do a graffiti.

PATRIOT 15′ Eva Riley UK 2015

Against the backdrop of simmering racial tensions within her rural English community, the life of eleven year old Hannah changes forever when she meets a boy from a forbidden part of town.

THE BATHTUB 13′ Tim Ellrich Austria, Germany 2015

Three brothers try to dive back into their childhood through an old family picture of them in the bathtub.

THANK YOU FOR DANCING 18′ Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken Norway 2016

A lifelong relationship is coming to an end, as we follow two elderly men and former athletes the last winter they spend together.

THE LIGHT SIDE 8′ Khayyam Abdoullayev, Elmaddin Aliyev Azerbaidjan 2015

The story of a poor family living in oil country. The oil, which gives light to the world, doesn’t shed any light to this family.

THE MANLIEST MAN 24′ Anuj Gulati India 2016

After failing to produce a son, the village potter is publicly shunned by his community, and an urgent search is on for a “manlier” man to help the family bear a male offspring. An evocative score boldly punctuates this riveting, absurdist tale about gender and class discrimination, and man’s eternal savage thirst for dominance.

THE NAME YOU CARRY 15′ Hervé Demers Canada 2016

When Vlace is suspended for hitting a classmate, Sasha is called to come get his son at school and has no choice but to take him along on his delivery route. During this intimate journey, we discover what provoked Vlace’s uncharacteristic act, as father and son find their way toward a new understanding.

THE RETURN OF ERKIN 28′ Maria Guskova Russia 2015

Erkin gets out of prison and wants to return to his former life. But everything has changed and he does not know if he can live as a free man.

TRAVELING (KROKI) 23′ Karolina Zaleszczyk Poland 2015

Justyna has just about had enough of her mother’s frivolous partying lifestyle. One day Justyna comes across her new neighbour, a slightly older girl. It’s time to grow up.

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