Wiz-Art Film School 2013

Taras Dron “From script to cinema”

July 24, 16:00, anticafe “Communa” (Halyska, 1)

Born in March 6, 1980 in Ivano-Frakivsk region. Graduated Lviv Polytechnic National University. He works with video since 2006. The main direction of his video works is music video, advertising. In 2011 he created his own video production company and rental of film equipment in Lviv.

Everybody who holds the script wants to see a movie immediately in the cinemas or in the Internet. Stages of making a movie: whether there are things that can be ignored or just a camera is enough for it? Self-expression and teamwork, ambitions and professionalism? Are there any rules? Director Taras Dron will tell about the features of preparation, filming and editing your film.

Maria Sigrist born 1985 in Switzerland. Studies in film directing and writing at the Zurich University of the Arts and the Rhode Island School of Design. She’s living and working as a filmmaker in Zurich and Bern.


GIRL & BOY ON THE ROCKS! 13′ Switzerland  2012

At a party teeming with young artists and bon vivants, the everyday, and yet the extraordinary, is happening. On their quest to experience love and life, they talk carelessly, risking everything, and dance on in the neon lights of the night… all together, and each by themselves.

GOODBYE BOYFRIEND 10’ Switzerland  2011

This is a film about the end of a love story.

CAFE GILBERTE 5’ Switzerland  2010

It’s a normal day in a coffee shop of a small American town. Suddenly the oxygen runs out.

Dmytro Sukholytkyy-Sobchuk (Ukraine)

Born at 1983 in Uman city, Ukraine. Worked as an artist in cinema operator in the television presenter on the radio. Graduated Kyiv national university theatre, cinema and television of  Karpenko-Karij. Specialization – feature film director,  Michail Illenko`s studio. Participant of the Berlinale Talent Campus 2013.

THE THREAD 10’ 2011

The human age is like a garden – always beautiful and always different. There are three different period of woman life in the narration.


There are periods in a man’s life when you should make a decision, you should yield to something, reconcile yourself to something and defend something.

ROOTS 15’ 2013

Sanko arrived to his grandfather’s house. An old neighbors didn`t recognize him. There is no one he could find common language. The only who recognize him – Sofia. This girl is unhappy in her private life, she rear a baby alone. Sanko and Sofia were friends many years ago, but today there is a chasm between them. She lives upstairs, he – in his memories.

THE BEARD 25’ 2012

The old man’s daughter married the foreigner and moved abroad. Only his neighbor Gienyk remembers his name. Others call him “Beard”. But nobody, even Gienyk knows what’s on his mind. Once he takes the gun. Everything’s going to change in a moment… The Beard will disappear.

Michael Rittmannsberher – director and screenwriter from Vienna who had experience working on several short films in his first years of film school. In 2003-2008 he studied multimedia art Salzburg University of Applied Sciences (specialization – film / video) and mediaart and design at Westminster University in London.

“Three Years For Eleven Minutes”

Michael’s film ABGESTEMPELT has been screened at 72 film festivals and won 20 awards so far – and it has been a really, really long way to get there.

A talk about the making of a short film from script to production to festival distribution, about the ups and downs of filmmaking and why you should never give up.

Kai StänickeBorn 1986 in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. While studying Film- & TV Production in Dortmund he directed his first short films. After receiving his Diploma, Kai Stänicke worked for X Filme Creative Pool in Berlin and on set of various productions as Assistant Director and Assistant Set Manager. Next to his work on set of feature films, Kai Stänicke produces and directs short films and music videos. His films were shown in festivals all over the world (Toronto, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Paris, Berlin, Melbourne, Tel Aviv, Mumbai) and received both critical acclaim and awards.

IT’S CONSUMING ME 3’ Germany 2012

I can’t move on. I wish I could. But I’m caught in the thought of what could have been, losing my grip on reality.

GAY GOTH SCENE 5’ Germany 2013

School is a living hell for this young boy. He decides to put an end to it. Gay Goth Scene is a mixture of short film & music video that deals with a worldwide social disease: bullying.

‘Freedom of Work in Film Industry’

Florian Pochladko is an aspiring young director from Graz, Austria. With his film ‘Maybes’ he won the Best Fiction Award at the most important Austrian film festival ‘Diagonale’
Florian was born and raised in Austria, but believes he has some Slavic roots.

How do you find Freedom of work in Film Industry? What problems do you face? Florian Pochladko will tell about his works in progress, present his attitude to filmmaking and his director’s choices as well as works of other Austrian Young Filmmakers.

This openly gay 23-year-old Lithuanian film director captivated international audiences and caused a national scandal with his debut short film PORNO MELODRAMA, a Berlinale 2011 Panorama selection confronting Lithuania’s homophobic legislation. Romas graduated in film in Paris 8 University, France, with a year of exchange studies to Hunter College, New York.

PORNO MELODRAMA 30’ Lithuania, France, Finland 2011

Jonas enjoys his life with his boyfriend Matas, but he wants to emigrate from homophobic Lithuania to live in a more gay-friendly country. In order to earn money to leave, Jonas agrees to star in a straight porn film with his ex-girlfriend Akvile. But Akvile still pines for Jonas and that’s where the melodrama begins….

WE WILL RIOT 76’ Lithuania 2013

Luke is a rich kid, and black hipster DJ from New York. Luke would like to be a rebel, but he realises it’s not easy when your folks are super-rich. When he discovers that he has an estranged Lithuanian grandmother, he defies his parents and decides to visit this far-away country, flying straight to the capital city Vilnius. He falls in love with the city, with a charming girl called Marta, and with local music scene – the Beatmakers.

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