focus 2023

(Full)scale Life

You do remember your morning on 24 February 2022, don’t you? We doubt you’ll ever forget it.

First and foremost, the safety of close ones. But as the clock kept ticking, the scale of thoughts in your head increased.

The scale of the walls in your home expanded to the seven thousand kilometers of the border.

The scale of your emergency backpack has been multiplied by bags full of aid for those fleeing their homes.

The scale of your heart that can both love unconditionally and burn with hate has increased in absolute, although immeasurable, magnitudes.

The world has been speechless, watching the theater of war and the full-scale resistance of the Ukrainians. They say that life is the best screenwriter when it comes to movies based on real events. No one wanted the script of our film to be dictated by the enemy.

That’s why to this day, we take full, deep breaths, even if it’s to hold back tears.

That’s why we raise full piggy banks at online fundraisers to help those we thank our lives with.

That’s why we stand ready to fight till full victory. For a full-scale life.


At the 15th Wiz-Art International Short Film Festival change the scale of your eye lenses for the optics of thousands of movie cameras. Go toward the light of our cinemas. 13–17 December. Lviv. Planeta Kino and America House. See you there!

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