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Festival pass for Wiz-Art’2019 is a unique opportunity to show the festival some love and get access to all events for a reasonable price.

Festival pass owners will receive unique personal badges and a special bonus gift. You can buy the pass following the link: purchase the pass.

Afterwards, you need to fill in the form: pass personalization form.


Access to film screenings

Using your festival badge on registration and ticket desk,

you can get a ticket to the screening you chose at the moment

you decide if available on the day of the event ONLY.

You can get all the tickets to multiple events on the same day. One badge = one ticket.

Personal badges will be available at the Accreditation Desk of the festival since 19 August.

The service will be located in the Kinopalace Lviv Cinema (22 Teatralna str., 2nd floor). 

Accreditation and Ticket Desk Schedule

Monday, 19th at 3-8 pm

Tuesday, 20th at 5-9 pm

Wednesday, 21 at5-9 pm

Thursday. 22 at 3-9 pm

Friday, 23 at 4-10:30 pm

Saturday, 24 at 11am – 10pm

Sunday, 25 at 10 am – 9 pm

If you have any questions or problems regarding the subscription/purchase of the festival pass, please contacts us at:

To make our festival comfortable for everyone, there are some rules concerning the use of the pass:

  • in order to access the festival the pass’ owner should fill in the form for pass personalization and collect their personal badge at the Accreditation Desk; 
  • the badge gives access to all festival events*, however it does not guarantee 100% admission;
  • the pass’ owner may get no more than one free ticket for each screening;
  • in order to see the screening the pass’ owner needs to show their badge and a free ticket. The ticket is not valid without the badge;
  • the personal badge cannot be passed on for other people’s use. If there are any violations, the badge will be revoked;
  • admission to all events of the festival is carried out on a first come, first served basis;
  • for the audiences’ convenience admission to screenings will be possible only in between films.

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