Supergirls 2020

The newest film selection SUPERGIRLS 2020 will tell – how to be a woman today.

After screenings, we will have Q&A with film directors “Waiting time” (2017) and “The Normal” (2018) – Clara Stern from Austria and Diana Horban from Ukraine.

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Screening is held with the support of Österreichisches Kooperationsbüro Lemberg

Supergirls 2020 from Wiz-Art Festival on Vimeo.


Supergirls 2020

BE A LADY THEY SAID 3 min. Paul McLean USA 2020

Girls. Girls. Girls.

Supergirls 2020

TURNING TEN 13 min. Jaylan Auf UK 2018

Laima, Magdi and Nour their (nearly) ten-year-old daughter anxiously await a doctor’s appointment that is destined to change their lives forever.

Supergirls 2020

VISIT 12’ Stijn Bouma Netherlands 2018

On a stormy day widow Thea is visited by her son Willem in her big home located in the distant countryside. She convincingly rejects his idea to move somewhere else. When Willem leaves and Thea turns off the malfunctioning radio whilst even the cat seems to be asleep, she turns out to be lonelier than we thought.

Supergirls 2020

MOTHER’S DAY 15 min. Dorka Vermes Hungary 2018

Juli and Réka have decided to take their relationship to the next level. They are waiting for Juli’s mother for dinner so they can tell her the news. It is not going to be easy as Mari has always been critical towards her daughter…

Supergirls 2020

WAITING TIME 11 min. Clara Stern Austria 2016 

Anna is on her way home; waiting for the last bus. But someone’s waiting with her. The streets are quiet. Too quiet. Her heart is beating fast.

Supergirls 2020

DIVISION AVE 14 min. Tamar Glezerman, Michal Birnbaum USA 2019

The fight for justice of a Latina cleaning lady in Hasidic Brooklyn.

Supergirls 2020

NORMAL 13 min Diana Horban, Iryna Hromotska Ukraine 2018

After a failed party, the girl decides to tell about all the sore to the strangers in the park. In the conversation of girls, their vision of the world opens up.

Films are screened with in original language with English and Ukrainian subtitles.

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