Scandinavia 2020

We know you’ve waited, we also! On February 4th at 7pm and 9pm in Kinopalace Lviv on 22 Teatralna str. we’ll watche the newest film selection from Scandinavian countries.

Tickets are available online here


Scandinavia 2020

1981 13 min. Dawid Ullgren Sweden 2018 

Stockholm, 1981. A man convinces his husband to go with him to a sauna to get new sexual experiences with other men. The man finds the sauna to be a safe place where he can explore his deepest desires. But even in paradise there are rules that you have to obey.

Scandinavia 2020

BRUNCH 3 min. Det Sporadiske Filmkollektivet Norway 2017

Nader is used to getting slapped in the face, but refuses to give up on love. The problem is, he is unaware of the punches he throws himself.

Scandinavia 2020

THE CULTURE 25 min. Ernst De Geer Norway 2018

It’s the opening night at the concert house where Arvid works, but when his sister steals the spotlight substituting one of the orchestra members on his request, his worst sides are revealed. He ends up in a petty conflict with another man, who she in turn is praised by, and his narcissism and need for attention leads to a path of self-destruction.

Scandinavia 2020

JACKET 12 min. Tuna Özer Swеden 2018

Camilo, from the projects outside of Stockholm, sees Amina on her way to a party. He borrows his friend’s expensive jacket and approaches her, offering to show her the way. They connect, and Amina invites Camilo to the party. Eventually a guy at the party mistakes Camilo’s jacket for his own…

Scandinavia 2020

HUNT 13 min. Tobias Ytterstad Bye Norway 2019

Helge and Terje, two men who have been friends for many years, are going on their annual hunting trip. They’ve never been to chatty, but the silence eventually breaks when Helge works up the courage to ask Terje something. Something that not only changes the mood of their trip, but their entire relationship.

Scandinavia 2020

WHAT’S IMPORTANT NOW IS TO FEEL BAD 4 min. Björn Perborg Sweden 2018

During a compulsory information meeting for unemployed people, the friendly face of a ridiculous, Kafkaesque bureaucracy exposes the truth behind unemployment.

Films are screened with in original language with English and Ukrainian subtitles.

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