Wiz-Art Film School

July 24

11:00 Lecture by Mykyta Lyskov Animation: history & development (3 hours with a break)

IMG_0288Lecture on the history of animation will present interesting facts from more than a century of animation history. The distinction between author and commercial animation will be discussed, especially between American, Hungarian, Estonian and Polish schools of animation, techniques and scripts of animated films. This will also address the most prominent directors of the contemporary animation of independent scene.

Author of the lecture:
Mykyta Lyskov — director-animator, artist, his works participated in international animation festivals (KROK, Linoleum, Molodist, LISFF Wiz-Art, Open Night). Lecture will be illustrated by some animated films and documentary materials.

Place/Entrance fee:
Communa (Halytska str., 1), 10 UAH. Free for the Festival Ticket holders.

July 25

13:00 Lecture by Kateryna Gornostai Reality in documentaries and fictions (2 hours)
gornostaiFilmmaker Kateryna Gornostai will try together with the participants to answer the questions:
1. Why do you want to make films?
2. What will you make films about?
3. Where can I get a plot for a film?
4. How to find a story and drama in a real life (documentary film)?

Kateryna also will talk about who might be a character of your documentary or fiction film.

Author of the lecture:
Kateryna Gornostai studied biology, and later Journalism at the Kyiv Mohyla Academy. Graduated from the School of the Documentary Film and Theater of Marina Razbezhkina and Mikhail Ugarov in Moscow.

Place/Entrance fee:
Communa (Halytska str., 1), 10 UAH. Free for the Festival Ticket holders.

17:00 Discussion with filmmakers of the Babylon’13 project: Documentary films as a tool to fight in Ukraine?
babylonMembers of the panel discussion: art director of the Babylon’13 project, director Volodymyr Tykhyy; directors Yulia Shashkova and Yulia Gontaruk; historian Tarik Cyril Amar (Columbia University); film critic Kateryna Slipchenko; sociologist, researcher of Maydan phenomena (Voices of resistance and hope: Kyiv-Lviv, Kharkiv) Natalia Otrischenko. Moderator: Director of Center for Urban History Sofia Dyak.

Filmmakers, historians, researchers, journalists, critics, public figures and activists are invited to join the discussion.

Place/Entrance fee:
Center for Urban History of East Central Europe (6, Acad. Bohomoltsia Str.). Entrance free

July 26

9:30 Lecture by Zhanna Ozirna Hollywood script structure — to learn and forget (1,5 hours)
ozirna-zhannaThe script is like a car. It doesn’t matter the cost of a car, but it for sure has a motor, fuel, wheel, chassis and the rest of the iron plate, without those things it cannot start. And if something breaks down — knowing the mechanism, it can be fixed on our own. What does the frame of almost every Hollywood film consist of? What invisible pedal does a scriptwriter press to influence the viewer? This and much more you will see at the examples of famous films.

Author of the lecture:
Zhanna Ozirna is a script writer and author of the blog All About Storytelling, took part in Script Workshop of Odessa International Film Festival 2011.

Place/Entrance fee:
Communa (Halytska str., 1), 10 UAH. Free for the Festival Ticket holders.

11:00 Workshop by Olha Makarchuk Animation-transformation (2 hours)


KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAYou always liked transformations in the animated movie? Then we offer you to take part in a workshop during which you will understand how they are created, and even do your own efforts to animate a video-transformation. During the two-hour workshop participants will work in the style of traditional and stop-motion animation, will get know how to work in Dragonframe program and spoil many sheets of paper.

Number of participants in the workshop — up to 20 people. Number of viewers unlimited.

Author of the workshop:
Olga Makarchuk – an animation filmmaker from Kyiv. In 2009 Olga graduated of Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London in a specialty of character animation and worked on the several animated projects in the UK, then returned to Ukraine. Since 2010, she works as an animator and animation director at the studio Novatorfilm by Stepan Koval and on her own projects, also she teaches animation at the School of Journalism at Kyiv Mohyla Academy.

Place/Entrance fee:
Communa (Halytska str., 1), 10 UAH. Free for the Festival Ticket holders.

13:00 Q&A with Gunhild Enger (2 hours)
G-EWhat is script writing anyway, and is it actually necessary? Gunhild Enger will try to explain how she finds her stories, how important specific words may be, as well as long takes and framing. “I think it would be interesting to talk a bit between every film to see different ways of approaching the script writing process, as well as look at my development as a filmmaker”.

About the speaker:
Graduated from Edinburgh College of Art, and The School of Film Directing in Gothenburg. She was nominated for a BAFTA with her graduation film Bargain, and has since then screened her films at festivals around the world. Her film Premature won best short film at several festivals in 2012 and 2013.

Passion, 13’, Gunhild Enger & Marius Ektvedt, Norway, 2008
A film about a middle-aged, married couple and their search for what used to be.

Premature, 7’, Gunhild Enger, Norway, 2012
The story of Norwegian Martin and his pregnant Spanish girlfriend, Lucia. We follow the pair for their first 15 minutes on Norwegian soil, observing Lucia’s first encounter with this new culture and her in‐laws.

A simpler life, 15’, Gunhild Enger, Sweden, 2013
Ing-Marie and Carl are always busy. They surround themselves with gadgets meant to simplify their lives. It is summer, the sun is shining — and machines are running while she works out and he mows the lawn. But life isn’t necessarily easier.

Subtotal, 18’, Gunhild Enger, Norway, 2014
What is the true cost of a bargain? Subtotal is a story of an untraditional encounter between a Swedish salesman and a Norwegian couple on their monthly bargain hunting at the border between Norway and Sweden.

Place/Entrance fee:
Communa (Halytska str., 1), 10 UAH. Free for the Festival Ticket holders.

July 27

11:00 Q&A with Lisa Weber (1,5 hours)
Lisa-WeberLisa Weber, born 1990 in Vienna. Spent her childhood between cucumbers and tomatoes in the family business. Later one or two happy semesters of Slavic studies at the University of Vienna. Since 2009 at the Film Academy of Vienna.


He and She from Here and There, 8’, Lisa Weber, Austria, 2011
“Everyday they have a specific program they put together. Friday morning: Prater. Entrance fee at the Ferris wheel: 8.50 Euro.” They come from the Netherlands, Germany, South Korea, and even Vietnam. They travel in groups or alone, would like to go to the opera, enjoy the Bermuda triangle in the city center, and would prefer better weather. Generally, photos by tourists remain silent. Lisa Weber adds to snapshots with figments and memories and provides them with a cinematic dimension.

Some Twin Pop, 11’, Lisa Weber, Austria, 2012
Outside, it’s summer and sunshine. In the house, it’s Bibi and Claudia being bored in the back room. The room belongs to a bookstore, and the bookstore belongs to Claudia’s mom. Claudia is failing math, and she can’t go outside because she is grounded. Bibi is helping her kill time; her mom is out for the moment and is told to bring some ice cream.

Place/Entrance fee:
Communa (Halytska str., 1), 10 UAH. Free for the Festival Ticket holders.

13:00 Q&A with Ismael Nava Alejos
director_ismaelIsmael Nava Alejos is Mexican cinematographic director, screenwriter and editor, studied his specialty in the Centre d’Estudis Cinematogràfics de Catalunya in Spain. He has received grants from IMCINE and CONARTE for production and postproduction of his short films, and recently for the development of his first feature film. Ismael made more than 12 short films, two of which Dog Heart and Silence (international competition program of International short films festival in Clermont-Ferrand 2011) he will present at the festival followed by Q&A session.

Dog Heart, 11’, Ismael Nava Alejos, Mexico, 2009
Silvano is a thirty-year-old alcoholic and Taibele is a young prostitute. One day when their paths cross, they discover that life has other flavors, but ambition, a weapon and opportunity are a violent combination.

Silence, 12’, Ismael Nava Alejos, Mexico, 2011
Mariana and Jaime are two young people who work in a circus at the beginning of the twentieth century. They are childhood friends: she plays the piano and he is an acrobat. Over the course of the past few months love has blossomed between them, but an accident will change the course of their relationship.

Place/Entrance fee:
Communa (Halytska str., 1), 10 UAH. Free for the Festival Ticket holders.

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