Wiz-Art 2014 winners

Wiz-Art 2014 Grand Prix

KILLING AUNTIE, dir. Mateusz Głowacki

Killing Auntie performs a perfect balance between an unrealistic story and the convincing way of telling it. Although Killing Auntie has very good directing, editing and comic timing, it is difficult to describe. You just have to watch it!

Best Ukrainian Film

THE GUM, dir. Olha Makarchuk

The Jury has to admit that being a gum for 8 minutes seems to be more interesting then being a person.

Best Script

COUNTERPART, dir. Adrian Sitaru

An unusual way of describing a well-known problem in a sexual relationship with humor and realism.

Best Director

WHERE WE ARE, dir. Ilker Çatak

We’re guided through a classic story with a firm direction that leads us to a delicate point where the ego of a mother becomes less important than the love for her daughter.

Best Cinematography

HARVEST, dir. Chaja Hertog and Nir Nadler

A visually funny and absurd way of describing the horrors of terror.

Special mention 1

STEW AND PUNCH, dir. Simon Ellis

Stew and Punch is a simple story about the power balance in male and female relationships, done with an impressive camera work and complex character direction.

Special mention 2

PRIDE, dir. Pavel Vesnakov

Pride is an example of a film that mirrors one problem though another, that makes both of them easier to live with.

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