Ukrainian Queer

On December 17 at 3:00 pm at the American House Lviv we will watch Ukrainian queer films.

If the air alert will burst everything will stop and play again later (if the alarm is less than 40 minutes), during this time it will be possible to go down to the bomb shelter and stay there with us. See you!


DIGESTION 4 min Jan Bačynsjkyi/Yana Bachynska Ukraine 2020

Tragicomedy about the cycle of gender-based violence.

THE RETURN 30 min Vadim Mochalov Ukraine 2023

Nikita is a student from the Kharkiv region who lives in Kyiv with his boyfriend Serhiy. His relationship with his religious mother is hideous due to her adverse treatment of his son’s sexuality, which has led him to abandon his faith in God. Nikita quarrels with her on his birthday because she sent him his cross pendant and asked the son to return to “the right path”. The next day, on February 24th of 2022, the couple wakes up from explosions and news about the beginning of a full-scale war with russia. Nikita realizes he can’t reach his mother by phone anymore.

WE HAVE NEVER MET 5 min Zoya Laktionova Ukraine 2023

An attempt by the director to delve into the nature of sexuality and relationships with her friend in order to understand what their experience together was for them.

BEFORE CURFEW 24 min Angelika Ustymenko

Two queer people meet on the train and spontaneously decide to get out in Kyiv and spend the day together. They hear explosions while talking about intimacy and tenderness. They share thoughts about living in this cruel reality. They share their pain. Their youth was stolen from them. Can they still feel something other than pain?

The total duration of the program – 77 min.

Please get your (free) ticket at

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