Experimental is Mental

A screening of experimental short films

Birds that stay at home turn to chess. The chessboard is moving in tune with the space rocket which sends messages of the humanity into the space. The woman dissolves into squares and molecules. People and bridges, animals and heaven – everything interwove, melted away and left a divine imprint on the earth.

ROD ZEGWI DAN PIKAN 4′ Azim Moollan Mauritius 2015

A brief introspective into the state of mind of a woman. Her battles in life, her relationship with her daughter and walking the fine line of addiction.

THE ART OF FLYING 7′ Jan van IJken Netherlands 2015

Short film about “murmurations”: the mysterious flights of the Common Starling. It is still unknown how the thousands of birds are able to fly in such dense swarms without colliding. Every night the starlings gather at dusk to perform their stunning air show.


In 1973 Carl Sagan created the Pionner Plaque for the NASA Pioneer 10 mission. It was Humanity’s first message for extraterrestrial civilizations. Today, four decades later, the World gets together to collectively compose a new message…

BEWEISTHEORIE I 6′ Artem Tarkhanov Russia 2016

Video art project explores turning points in culture of early 20th century — modernism in art and foundational crisis in mathematics. The title refers to the time of radical changes in axiomatic systems of mathematics, and independently, art of that time was losing ground of realistic depiction in order to discover its new language (suprematism, dada, surrealism, etc.).

SÁGA 6′ Dominique Maury Lasmartres France 2015

A single face necessarily Answers to all the names in the world – Paul Eluard

THE BOY 7′ Eyup Büyükkelleci Turkey 2015

The mother kills her son who is gay. Some moments of the boy from his social life are seen: In the university, cafeteria and car. The wound is always on his chest and people recognise his wound. He goes to the coast, walks into the sea.

HEIMWEH (ALWAYS) 9′ Matl Findel Germany 2015

“Or we can make a scene!”, the woman suggests and with that says the only spoken line in the film. At the same time, the framework between desire and dilemma is set, for what kind of homesickness can that be when neither the location nor the hour is known?

WORLD WAR CUP 7′ Simon Ellis UK 2016

A grim display of misguided patriotism and tribal thuggery during the England-Germany 2010 world cup football match.

WOMAN WITHOUT MANDOLIN 5` Fabiano Mixo Germany 2015

A cubist film or a portrait of Miriam Goldschmidt.

SHORT FILM ABOUT LIFE 2′ Laila Pakalnina Latvia 2014

Life is happening now.

duration – 58 min.

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