Best of British

London Short Film Festival likes to challenge as well as entertain, and the shorts within this selection do both. These British short films mix humour & horror, animation & powerful drama, and are thought provoking & will stay with you. The films take us from the 1980 video nasty era, to the world of Orthodox Jewish community in London, from an original look at the refugee situation, to ‘primal scream’ therapy!

OVER 14′ Jorn Thelfall UK 2015

‘Over’ presents a crime scene. During the course of nine wide shots (told in reverse order), we watch an intriguing story unfold. What has happened in this quiet neighbourhood? A murder, a hit-and-run, an accident? The reality is profound, and deeply unexpected.

SAMUEL 613 15′ Billy Lumby UK 2015

The story of Shmilu, a Hasidic Jew in crisis, torn between his community and the romantic possibilities of trendy East London.

MOTHER 22′ Leo Leigh UK 2016

In the aftermath of his mother’s death, Edwin reaches out to his extended family for support.

NASTY 15′ Prano Bailey Bond UK 2016

It’s 1982. Twelve-year old Doug is drawn into the lurid world of VHS horror as he explores the mysterious disappearance of his father.


PLASMA VISTA 7′ Harriet Fleuriot, Sarah Cockings UK 2016

Objects and devices become bodily and manipulative. The magician is a composed cartoon machine repeating tricks and equations. When products become prosthetics does the accessory take some emotional control?

KLEMENTHRO 4′ Sue Dunham UK 2015

Klementhro may not have it all, but at least he has his paddle. A cautionary tale.

MANOMAN 11′ Simon Cartwright UK 2015

When Glen attends primal scream class, he releases something from deep within that knows no limits.

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