Ukrainian silent films in Lviv Ratusha courtyard

Olexander Dovzhenko National Centre (Kyiv) and Wiz-Art Formation (Lviv) with the support of Lviv Book Forum and State Film Agency present series of the screenings KOLO DZIGY @ Lviv.

KOLO DZIGY – it is a series of musical film-performances, which are initiate by Dovzhenko Center and presented. Those renovated premiere Ukrainian silent films are accompanied by contemporary music. The first performance of this series was held on December 25, 2011 in Kyiv and was dedicated to the 115th birth anniversary of the great Ukrainian avant-garde filmmaker Dziga Vertov.

On the occasion of the presentation Dovzhenko Centre DVD-collection in a Lviv Book Forum 2012 the musical film-performances KOLO DZIGY will be presented for the first time in Lviv.

September, 14 – screening of the renovated version Navesni (In the spring, 1929).

Українське німе кіно у дворику Львівської Ратуші

Navesni (In the spring) – it`s a masterpiece of Ukrainian cinema avant-garde, non-fiction film, created by Mikhail Kaufman, brother and co-author Dziga Vertov, in compliance with “Cine-Eye” avant-garde theory. In the film appears Kiev 1929, which is obscure for us  today. Shoots of its awakening and revival of the city, resonated with a lyric scenes of nature rebirth. The attentive Kaufman’s camera for a long time stopped on the smiling kid`s faces and drawing a lyrical scene of love confessions to Kiev. In this work Kaufman used for the first time hidden camera. OST was created by modern Kyiv composer Olexander Kochanovsky – he is also music author for some experimental theatrical performance, films and art-performances.

September, 15 – screening of the renovated version The Man with a Movie Camera (1929)

Українське німе кіно у дворику Львівської Ратуші

The Man with a Movie Camera – it`s the main and famous manifest of the world cinema avant-garde. According to the Vertov esthetic guidelines, the film was made without any script. In The Man with a Movie Camera Vertov realized of many years experience and theoretical knowledge of operating and montage art of himself work. Thereby he transformed the film into methodology text-book for all next film-makers generations. Talented director Mikhail Kaufman fixed his camera on a striking life of Ukrainian big cities – like Odessa, Kharkiv and Kiev in of NEP age.

OST was creared by Vitaliy Tkachuk Odessa Quartet, which combine funk, ethnic-music, classic and modern jazz in their compositions. V-trio had concerts in different international festivals, particularly in Koktebel Jazz Festival.

The films are renovated on base of Olexander Dovzhenko State Film Studio by order of the State Film Agency in 2011.

Screenings will take place in the courtyard of Lviv Ratusha (1, Rynok Sq.).

Opening at 20.30. Free entry.