LISFF Wiz-Art 2022 will be

On the night of February 24, 2022, all of Ukraine shuddered from explosions. The peaceful sleep of millions of children, women, and men was interrupted by the flight of cruise missiles over peaceful Ukrainian cities. Insidiously and shamefully, the Russian Federation launched a brutal, bloody, full-scale war.

The world must recognize the genocide of the Ukrainian people and not remain indifferent in the fight against the aggressor. The war continues. As a result of missile and artillery strikes, hundreds of innocent citizens die every day in Ukraine.

But the Ukrainians continue to courageously defend themselves on all fronts. The Wiz-Art team is also ready to take up their weapon – art. After all, the cultural front is an important battlefield, and we also need to win it. So we are working to make this year’s festival a place of unity and support, because together we will definitely win. Glory to Ukraine!