Estonian Animation

Compilation of Estonian animation will be shown in Lviv on November 17 and Kyiv on November 26- 27. The program consists of 10 short films of such recognized directors, as Ulo Pikkov, Kaspar Jancis, Priit Tender, the award-winners of many international animation festivals in Ottawa, Krakow, London, Barcelona, Ljubljana, Annecy, Seoul, Dresden.

The screening will include all the best and most interesting, which was drawn and animated in the tiny Baltic country for the last 15 years.

The special guest of this event is the known Estonian director-animator Priit Tender, who will conduct a few hours’ workshop on animation on November 18. Everybody is invited.


Viola 11′ – Priit Tender 1999
Life proceeds according to its everyday routine on an isolated island in the middle of a sea of sadness. A burnt out violinist performs a tragicomic number with his dancer wife. And then a one-handed chair-man takes his first steps…  toward a more humane future.


Message for the neighbours 10′ –  Priit Tender 2006
Anti has worked as a TV-set repairman all his life.
One day he realizes – it is the world that needs to be repaired

Crocodile 17′ – Каспар Яансіс 2009
The story of a former opera star who must by the will of Fate work as a Crocodile in a styrofoam costume entertaining children in the children’s playroom of a shopping centre. This kind of life seems joyless and even disgusting to the former leading tenor, and he vents his frustration by behaving rudely. Until one day, into his life enters a fateful woman and… a crocodile.

Marathon 15′ – Каспар Яансіс 2006
A small town is gripped with excitement in anticipation of the annual marathon.  Instead of the starting shot, a bomb explodes.  A chain of events is set off and nobody can guess how it will end. The police inspector, a sculptor, a gang of crooks operating in the vicinity of a public lavatory – all of them have to go through their own marathon.  Only a balloon released by chance glides on its own without knowing how things began or how they will end.

Dialogos 5′ – Ullo Pikov 2008
Dialogos is an experimental animated film, where all the visual material of the film is drawn directly onto the film stock. The film is founded on absurd humour. The theme of the film is contemporary high-tech society, where too many sign systems exist.

Year of monkey 12′ – Ullo Pikov 2003
The animated film “The Year of the Monkey” is a story of a monkey who lives in a zoo and, as chance would have it, is forced to start living like a human being.  The monkey is mistaken for a drunken Santa Claus who got lost and ended up in the zoo, and he is taken away for treatment of alcohol abuse.  There all the monkey’s hairs are shaved off, after which he outwardly seems to be a proper citizen.  Human society quickly accepts its new member, the shaved monkey, and the monkey becomes an honoured public figure.

Gravitation 8′ – Прійт Тендер 1996
Young Udo has a burning desire to fly. However, he does not know that there is a law which keeps things on the ground and that one must let go of things in order to fly. The results can be disastrous for some. Flight is a dream, after all, which falls apart when it comes true.
Gravitation on the other hand is reality which in the end turns each flight into a fall. Young Udo reaches a new level through this painful understanding. Now he sees the world from another angle.

A vegetated director 3′ – Priit Tender 2007
One day, the General Manager discovers that he has become a plant.
This does not prevent him from flying to Brussels the following morning.


Superlove 1′ – Ullo Pikov 2001
Superman, who has spent his entire life defending justice and fighting against evil, has grown old.  Superman has decided to add even a little color to his years as a senior by finding himself a lover who is capable of flying like he can and who could bring forth children.  The film Superlove is a story of one-sided love between Superman and a stork.

Weitzenberg street 11′ – Каспар Яансіс 2002
A man dreams of a woman. The woman is, in turn, interested in someone else. The man abandons his attempts to attract the woman’s attention because he has discovered a new object of desire. The woman, in turn, becomes interested in the man. The man, though, is interested only in his new favourite, due to whom the man soon finds himself in danger. The man barely escapes – instead, those whom both the man and the woman desire perish. The man and the woman find each other again…

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