We are the World

Non-competition programme “We are the world”

World problems are nothing comparing to personal addictions.

Lviv Art Palace, Green Hall (17, Kopernik str.)

JUMP 30’ Petar Vachanov Bulgaria 2010

Depressed old bachelor Gosho receives an offer from his rich cousin Joro to take care of Joro’s luxurious penthouse while he is abroad. For Gosho this is a chance to have some peace and quiet in luxury and richness.

CALCUTTA TAXI 20’ Vikram Dasgupta Canada 2010

In the grimy backdrop of a city going through a political crisis, the paths of three lives coincide and affect each other, each character having lost and found some things in this chance encounter.

IRISH FOLK FURNITURE 8’ Tony O’Donoghue Ireland 2012

An animated documentary about repair and recycling in an Irish village.

AFTER THE CLASS 12’ Parnian Fereshteh Iran 2010

On the same day that Mrs. Ansari, a high school teacher is promoted to be the school’s principal, her young daughter shows up to inform her of her unexpected decision.


HOTEL PENNSYLVANIA 26’ Marc Raymond Wilkins USA 2010

In a gritty language school, located deep within a Manhattan hotel, people from all over the world are brought together to learn English. As they share their past scars and future aspirations, one man’s failures inspire another man’s dream.

THE VOORMAN PROBLEM 13’ Mark Gill United Kingdom 2011

Doctor Williams is called in to examine the enigmatic Mr Voorman, a prisoner with a своєрідну хворобу: he believes he is a god.

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