Wiz-Art 2012 winners

On July 29 the International Jury of Wiz-Art 2012 announced winners of the festival in 3 categories, gave 2 special mentions and awarded grand prix film.

Jury consisted of French filmmaker Vincent Moon, Icelandic director Isold Ugadottir and coordinator of short films program of IFF ‘Molodist’ Ilia Gladshteyn, Ukraine.

Grand Prix

FUNGUS 8′  Charlotta Miller  Sweden 2011

The Grand Jury Prize goes to an insightful, multi-layered film that displays an excellent sense of humor, outstanding performances and a magnificent understanding of human flaws.
The film is an example of authentic storytelling and  sensitive direction.


Best Fiction

THE FACTORY 15′ Aly Muritiba Brasil 2011

For its powerful narrative storytelling and strong performances,  the Best Fiction goes to a film about the parental love that can overcome any barrier.  This is a film that leaves audiences with a surprising and effective revelation.

Best Experimental

LEAVE NOT A CLOUD BEHIND 7’ Pablo GonzálezFrance-Germany 2010

For its courage and bravery – this is film that does not take itself too seriously but yet succeeds in realizing an interesting and intriguing dreamworld of engaging characters that appear to exist in everyday life.

Best animation

THE THING IN THE CORNER 10′ Zoe Berriatúa Spain 2011

For its artistic visual imagery and original depiction of psychoanalysis and plea for accepting of own filth.

Audience choice

108.1 FM RADIO 15′ Angelo & Guiseppe Capasso Italy 2011

A driver, a hitch-hiker and a radio program. A night trip between suspicion and paranoia. A brief metaphor about  mass media.

Special Mention

CHEST OF DRAWERS 7′ Sanni Lahtinen Finland 2011

For a zeal in self enhancement and working on a character, metaphor precision and animation excellence.


OBJECTION VI 17′ Rolando Colla Switzerland  2012

For its powerful and realistic representation of a refugee´s life, and its importance in a time of intolerance in Europe.

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