Winners of Wiz-Art 2013

On July 28th International Jury and viewers of Wiz-Art 2013 decided what films are the best in directing, script and audience chose the best Ukrainian film. Jury members – Philip Ilson, Maria Sigrist, Dmytro Sukholytkiy-Sobchuk.

Grand Prix

MAYBES 30′ Florian Pochladko Austria 2012

This film tells an intimate story with larger issues at stake relating to the time we are living in. The young characters are living through their own personal crisis, and we experience their lighter thoughts while understanding the bigger picture. The film is well written and performed from a director who has found his own path.





THE RIVER 13’ Tarquin Netherway Australia 2012

The film interprets and creates its own reality. It is an absurd and fragmented work that is saturated with the rhythm and events of real life. Paradoxical, illogical and strange, the director has managed to catch an electric tension and to show us true moments flowing like the river of life.



PREMATUR 17’ Gunhild Enger Norway 2012

This film is all about the script and it’s delivery by the four superb performers. A single shot for 18 minutes sucks us into an intimate and embarrassing family situation that gets out of control. It is the power of the script that exposes the bigotry and self-righteousness of an older generation and ultimately a whole country.



JAMON 8’ Iria Lopez United Kingdom 2012

The film is about the choice between animal – like consumption and human-like will. The character makes a transition which is measured by a pig’s tail. For the unique imagery of idea and interesting original solution of animation.


Audience Award

TOUCH AND SEE 31’ Taras Dron’ Ukraine 2013

touch and see

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