What we don’t see

The random conversation of employees, which turns into revelation, the loneliness of museum workers and the desperate act of a mother, which will remains secret forever, the sunny days of North Korea shot by a hidden camera, and everything we have to know about life from Alan Watts. You should definitely see this selection of shorts.


YOUNG MEN AT THEIR WINDOW  18’ Loukianos Moshonas France  2017

Two graphic designers at work start playing by mistake with the possibilities of an empty scanner. They venture into assumptions, eventually open up to each other, and let go of the strange images, until they let go of themselves.


MUSEUMWATCHER 3’ Alexander Gratzer Austria 2017

The job of museum attendant can get a little boring now and then. Time for a distraction!


HOLIDAY 16’ Zhanna Maksymenko-Dovhych Ukraine 2017

This is a portrait of people who demonstrated on the main square of a city in a country to which war has returned.


FUNKY LOLA  16’ Julio Mas Alcaraz  Spain 2017

Isabel is around seventy years old. She lives alone in her old apartment in a popular neighbourhood in Madrid. Her son has serious debt problems but he cannot work because he is serving time in jail, and is only released on some weekends on parole. Isabel starts a daring, resolute endeavour to find a job and help him. As obstacles arise and her frustration increases, she ends up making a bold and surprising decision.


90 Seconds in North Korea 14’ Ranko Paukovic 2018 Netherlands

Lovers riding on a bicycle through the forest, school children crossing the street, men playing football on the beach, women playing with inflatable toys in the shallows, a father carrying his young child in the park. This is the other side of life in North Korea, a world away from the army parades, paranoid leader, oppression and fear.


SNOW 15’ Alex Murawski Australia 2017

11-year-old Sam leaves an injured girl in barren farmland and returns home to care for his grieving family. After a snowstorm he sets back out to find her before it’s too late.


EVERYTHING 11’ David OReilly USA 2017

Everything is an open ended interactive experience and reality simulation game transformed into a short film featuring narration by the brilliant British philosopher Alan Watts.


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