What is Queer? Discussion

Most often, the term “queer” is used in the Ukrainian media to explain the term “queer” copied from Wikipedia “an umbrella term that denotes all people who are not heterosexual and cisgender”. Generally speaking, this definition is correct. Queer is an opposition, a protest, and perhaps an alternative to heteronormativity. At the same time, the concept of queer has long gone beyond sex and sexuality. Today, the term queer is political, cultural, philosophical. During the discussion “What Is Queer?” we will reflect on what are the peculiarities and uniqueness of the queer in the context of Ukrainian culture, what are the main challenges for the queer movement today and what will happen if the queer wins.

Volodymyr Beglov, director of the American House in Lviv, poet, journalist, cultural manager. Co-founder of Radio Skovoroda and The Ukrainians. Author of the collection of poems “FAITHBOOK”

Anton Shebetko, artist, photographer, researcher, curator and writer, author of the book “A Very Brief and Subjective Queer History of Ukraine”.
Yana Bachynska, a young artist from Lviv, lives and works in Lviv, Kyiv, and Katowice. In her practice, Yana looks mesmerized at the discrepancy between what is proper and what is available with the help of video, installation, less often performance and drawing.

The festival is implemented with the support of the Goethe-Institut in Ukraine and America House Lviv

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