Films from Vienna Independent Shorts

best of Program Vienna Independent Shorts 2016

August 5, Friday, 3 pm
Lviv Art Palace

Quoting French philosopher Roland Barthes, short film is that form of presence that leaves nothing else to say than: “This is it!” Barthes decribes the short form as capturing “life in its minutiae, its tenuity in the sense of all that’s slight, insubstantial, inconsequential. That feeling of being captured on an emotional, intellectual or instinctive level is the one VIS Vienna Independent Shorts has been aiming for since 2004 by putting together a courageous programme and a clear attitude.

EL RITUAL DEL COLOR 3’ Maria Luz Olivares Capelle Austria 2015

A woman stands in front of the camera and is the protagonist for a camera test; the colour palette, which she holds in her hand, disrupts the black and white film. The material that is actually “worthless” and thought of as “waste” becomes its own work of art.

DESERT BLOOM 13’ Peter Kutin, Florian Kindlinger USA, Austria 2015

Next to gambling, Las Vegas primarily brought electricity and light into the darkness of the Nevadan desert. Together with German composer Christina Kubisch the musicians and sound artists Peter Kutin and Florian Kindlinger have made audible the electromagnetic fields related to the neon and LED thunderstorm.

UNCANNY VALLEY 14’ Paul Wenninger France, Austria 2015

Desperate soldiers in a World War I battle. Shell fire, trenches, faces frozen with horror. With various methods Paul Wenninger attempts to circumvent the representation of the horrors of war, which has become convention, and with it the distance to the events.

WALD DER ECHOS 30’ Maria Luz Olivares Capelle Austria 2016

In a forest a young woman searches for her companions, who have suddenly disappeared, while three girls play on the lake shore. The start of a fantastical journey, in which the borders between reality and fiction become blurred and even death seems to lose its finality. Who is dreaming and who is dreamt up?

MeTube 2: AUGUST SINGS CARMINA BURANA 5’ Daniel Moshel Austria 2016

In the vicinity of the Bavarian State Opera and for a bit of small change, August Schram interprets what is probably the most powerful lament in history – Carmina Burana. As Fortuna would have it, a random tourist captures the scene with his camera.

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