Valeria Sochyvets. To think up, to shoot, to send: Life of a short film

A real talk about the way of creating short films – from idea to festival life, – the subtleties of filming short films independently or with government support, about international festivals, about the life of a short film after its creation and about what it means to be an ideologist of an NGO.

October 13, Friday, 12 pm
Kopernyk Movie Theatre, Kopernyka 9

free entrance

Valeria Sochyvets. – Ukrainian filmmaker, cinematographer, screenwriter, and president of the Contemporary Ukrainian Cinema CUC. Born in 1992 in Kyiv. In 2014, graduated from the Kyiv National Karpenko-Kary University of Theatre, Cinema and Television, attended Vasyl Viter’s directing class. Since 2013 a curator the film programm of the Internationl Festival of Modern Arts GOGOLFEST. Since 2016 a curator of the film programm of the Intermezzo Short Story Festival and IFMA Porto Franko.


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