Ukrainian short film classics of XX century

Within the partnership of the Oleksandr Dovzhenko National Center we present the selection of Ukrainian short film classics of 60-70′s. These films are often underestimated and neglected, but represent by themselves certain cultural events that forever changed the artistic landscape of Ukraine as well as the personal history of its directors.

BLIND RAIN 28′ Viktor Gres Ukraine 1969

A poetic film about first love of the two young people from Kyiv – main character Sasha to a neighbouring girl Olena. He is absolutely easygoing and open to the world. And the age difference with his girlfriend and mockery of his peers will not destroy the most cheerful feeling that fills the heart of the young man for the first time in his life.

FAREWELL 9′  Vyacheslav Kryshtofovych Ukraine 1970

He wants to get married, but she is plagued by doubts. Once again saying goodbye after long walks and conversations, something much more important takes place.

LOVE BERRY 24′ Oleksandr Dovzhenko Ukraine 1925

Adventures of a hairdresser Jean Kovbasiuk who wants to get rid of his “illegitimate” baby. Upon getting to know that the mother of the child has won the case for alimony in the national court, the hero promises to become a perfect father. But now he must find a baby, whom he barely got rid of. It is the only comedy piece in the works of Oleksandr Dovzhenko.

REPETITION 9′ Borys Ivchenko Ukraine 1970

Winter. He and she meet on the beach. The feelings have disappeared with the last warm rays of the sun, but the uncontrollable desire to feel “instant love” again brings them back to where they met for the first time.

SPRING RAIN 26′ Kira Muratova,Oleksandr Muratov Ukraine 1958

Katya and Kostya accidentally meet each other in a suburban train – both going without tickets. Later it turns out that they are working at the same plant. Conversations, mutual understanding, walks at night city and spring rain – this is a first love in their lives. Film “Spring Rain” by Muratov’s couple is interesting also by the fact that the role of Kostya is the first cinema role for a famous Russian actor Oleg Tabakov.

OLD MAN 26′ Efym Galperin Ukraine 1979

Sergiy – an engineer of BAM (“Baikal-Amur Railway”), and he has only one day to meet with a girl, a primary school teacher who is not indifferent to him. But here’s the problem: she does not want to see him … To find a way out of this delicate situation, Sergiy addresses to Kyryl – a casual acquaintance, secondary school student who is popular in school and, surprisingly,  experienced in love affairs.

COME ON, THIS LOVE… 10′ Jaroslav Lanchak Ukraine 1975

Childhood, school, first love. The heart of the hero is searching for the one who will be able to share with him all the joys of a young life. But Love – is not only a pleasure but also a responsibility. Doing homework together, sharing an ice cream, caring when she is sick, and protect her from classmates’ mockery. This is not easy, but also very interesting and enjoyable.

Duration – 132 хв.

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