Ukrainian Films at Uppsala SFF 2019

On October 24, 26 and 27 Film Festival Wiz-Art will present two programs of Ukrainian Short films at 38th Uppsala Short Film Festival in Sweden.

The lineup is curated by program director Olha Raiter.

Introduction Word

It is weird. But it is real. I had never thought that I would have to face several revolutions and ongoing war with Russia during my life. The recent change of government in Ukraine and the comeback of old-new populists both here and in numerous European countries shocked us equally. We’re all in the same boat.

The two programs we present are based on conflicting emotions every Ukrainian has to experience – enjoying the congruence and realness of what Ukraine is with the constant challenges of this very moment of history and getting annoyed by its non-logical yet charming weirdness. Many things are ‘work in progress’ in Ukraine, while the level of freedom equals to the level of personal responsibility for it, and obviously, it is a fruitful soil for diverse artistic visions.

The filmmakers we’ve chosen work with big budgets or no budget at all. The program UKRAINE STAY REAL is based on chronology and motives starting from a turning point in the modern history of Ukraine – Revolution of Dignity – ending with the techno party 5 years after. The surrealistic animated world seems more real than reality. UKRAINE STAY WEIRD is a trip to unconscious traumas of a single person that influences the whole society. Together they form a rather subjective but nevertheless loud message.

UA Focus Teaser



Faces 25’ Nikon Romanchenko Ukraine 2014

Diorama 12’ Tetiana Kornieieva, Zoya Laktionova Ukraine 2018

In Joy 27’ Maryna Roschyna Ukraine 2018

Documenting Cxema 8’ Yarema&Himey Ukraine 2019

Deep Love 14’ Mykyta Lyskov Ukraine 2019



Weightlifter 30’ Dmytro Sukholytkyi-Sobchuk Ukraine 2018

The Secret the Boy and the Girl 13’ Oksana Kazmina Ukraine 2019

Sensiz | Without You 15’ Nariman Aliev Ukraine 2015

The Fall of Lenin Svitlana Shymko Ukraine 2017

Mia Donna 17’ Pavlo Ostrykov Ukraine 2018



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