Between love and hate. Between shame and proud. Ukrainian life inspires, makes them angry and makes them smile. Deeply and unconditionally directors from Ukraine present their view on what it is for them in a short film brought by Lviv International Short Film Festival Wiz-Art.

This November Ukrainian Cinema Club in Berlin celebrates its 10th birthday! Our ‘Birthday-filmscreening’ is coinciding with the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. This anniversary is very important for us too – after all, if the Wall had not come down, our Cinema Club would probably not exist! Along with our Ukrainian partner Cider APPS™, we cordially invite you to celebrate these events together.UKRAINE DEEP - cinema

The short film program will be presented by the program director of the Wiz-Art Festival Olha Raiter and other members of the program team.


Int. Kitchen. Night 5′ Arkadiy Nepytalyuk, Ukraine, 2018

In Joy, 27′ Maryna Roshchyna, Ukraine, 2018

Wonderful Years, 9’ Svitalana Shymko, Ukraine, 2018

The Fly Fishing Lesson, 28’ Cyril Jekov, Ukraine, 2018

Deep Love, 13′ Mykyta Lyskov, Ukraine 2019

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