UA National Competition 2015

On May 22nd at 9 pm and May 23 at 7 pm at Lviv Art Palace two different programs of Ukrainian National Competition films will be screened.

HOW SHEVCHENKO WAS LOOKING FOR A JOB 21′ Arseniy Bortnyk Ukraine 2014

Adaptation of the narration of Osyp Makovey. Here’s the incredible story about how Taras Grigorovich himself gets out of its portrait during celebration anniversary by scientific society which carry poet’s name. Shevchenko is boring to listen the speeches about his genius, and he decides to find the job. But he faces the people who make own career on the great names. Authors of this film believe that the best medicine from all moral diseases are the laughter and the irony. As same as 110 years ago thought the author of this narration.

GENERATIONS 23′ Mariya Lytvynova Ukraine 2014

We are all different, and therefore love differently. However, we are fighting for the same love.

IN TREES 10′ Marysya Nikityuk Ukraine 2014 

Two marginal soft sentimental Styopa and  macho of Ukrainian roads, rough Kolyan robbed the unfinished country houses at winter night. With their alcoholic courage and skills they managed to steal only a satellite dish and a street lamp. At dawn they were chased by dogs which guarding this area. Styopa and Kolyan run away from the dogs through the apple orchard covered with snow, black trees extended for miles over the horizon.

TENDERNESS 18′ Anastasiya Maksymchuk Ukraine 2014

A quiet morning makes way through the branches of trees to the window of the young married couple. She helps him to string a tie, and he offers to buy a dog. It seems, that death – it something, that happens only on television and only with bad people. But one incorrect motion – and this comfortable world turns upside down at once.

MILITARY BOOTS 16′ Andriy Lytvynenko 2013 

The film casus takes place in Ukraine. The young musician vagabond cheats his mother pretending he is external student of the fiscal academy and serving in the military. Mother works abroad and sends money to her son. Everything is fucking good till last exam session. He fails and could be excluded from the academy. Mother goes to Ukraine to do whatever is needed to help her son to make his way in the world. The son should play a military show to hide his bluff.

THE SHOP OF SINGING BIRDS 18′ Anatoliy Lavrenishyn Ukraine 2014 

In 1682 during his last trip to the Ottoman Empire Antoine Galland wrote down couple of stories that were told to him by a wandering monk. For unknown reasons those stories were not included to “The Thousand and One Nights”.

Then 331 years have passed and animation studio “MarcusFilm” made a movie out of one of the most fantastic stories of the collection and called it “The Shop of SongBirds”.

AWAY 12’ Kateryna Gornostai Ukraine 2015

We will be together until death will tear us apart” – it is the answer to the question “till when?”. But when the romance is over, it is time to decide “how to continue”. Young couple is looking for the answer.

I KNOW YOU 23′ Mariia Ponomarova Ukraine 2014

Single 45-years lady tired of everything – of her job as a linguist, of tries to find a new apartment for her son, of loneliness and lack of males’ attention. Even of her friend, real estate manager, who offers her to do something new – attend special massage course. Finally lady decides to accept the proposal and take a rest at least for one evening. But this evening forces her to find out something unbelievable instead of having the time of pleasure.

FALLEN LEAVES 21′ Maria Kondakova Ukraine 2014

It’s autumn in the outskirts of Kyiv. One morning Valya, a lonely 40 year old caretaker, is burning fallen leaves in the forest nearby. Before long she bumps into a charming stranger who soon manages to seduce his way into her flat. Once inside, Valya subtly and gradually becomes a hostage in her own home .

NOT TODAY 18′ Khrystyna Syvolap Ukraine 2014

Grandpa Lesha and grandma Christine decided to die on the same day. But Grandpa always finds reasons to postpone this event. It is clear that grandfather making up some plan. He will have to do some desperate actions to implement his plans and to convince grandmother to postpone their “death on the same day”.

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