Panorama of Ukrainian films “Cut!”

Lviv Art Palace, Green Hall (17, Kopernik str.)

COMMEMORATION 24’ Iryna Tsilyk Ukraine 2012

The heroine goes to the old homestead to complete the sale of her grandfather’s house. And suddenly she finds come answers to her life-questions at this territory of her childhood.

SVETKA 15’ Iryna Ustelentseva Ukraine 2013

Svetka is a dispatcher in a tram depot, she dreams about happy life together with Volodia, worker of depot repair station. But only one word spoken by the tram driver Natasha makes her doubt whether her choice is right.

AIR HUNGER 7’ Anastasiya Maximchuk Ukraine 2013

He woke up In the room with no air. This causes him to flee to place he is finally able to breathe. But there is something that makes him go back in airless space.

DIMA 19’ Aksinya Hontar Ukraine 2013

Dima prefers being alone and listening to  the music. But his older brother wants to grow a real man out of him.  Once he takes him to the birthday party of the girl Dima is secretly in love with.

NOT LESS THEN 50 KG 12’ Maryna Artemenko Ukraine 2013

Lesya fights the society stereotypes. She starts dealing with her own body – trying to gain weight.

LAST STOP 8’ Anna Borysova, Antom Syomin, Yura Katynskyi, Anna Vesna Ukraine 2012

After years of separation, the father decides to meet his son on his birthday. Finally, just a door separates their meeting. But  does parent dare to click on the doorbell?

PENDULUM 5’ Olga Popova Ukraine 2012

A married man coming back home in a tram. He imagines sad and boring known to the smallest detail ending of the evening. But when he comes home, he finds out that his daily routine is broken.

TOUCH AND SEE 31’ Taras Dron’ Ukraine 2013

One little girl lives in a small town. She can only see something that her hand touches because she is blind from birth. But her naive child’s soul teaches adults to look at the world not through the eyes but heart.

Duration 120 min.

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