UA DOC. Special.

No, we did not want to present a lot of Ukrainian documentaries, we chose precisely the works that we think are the horns of generations of young Ukrainian citizens: we wept, laughed and greeted gladly while watching them.

On October 15th on the last day of the festival at 2pm, we’ll screen Ukrainian documentaries that are voices of the young generation of Ukrainians.

Majority of the authors will present films personally.

DO YOU LIKE DERZHPROM 10′ Viktoriya Belyavskaya, Liza Kuznetsova Ukraine 2016

Esthetics of the passing time, bats and dying professions in one of the most enigmatic buildings – the Kharkiv Derzhprom…

SEE YOU LATER 35′ Yulia Kochetova-Nabozhniak Ukraine 2016

“See You Later” is a mantra, a declaration of love, and a testament to all those who are waiting and who, in the end, could not meet the ones they were waiting for.

МА 17′ Maria Stoianova Ukraine 2017


Mom is feeding great tits from the window of the high-rise building in Mariupol and grows queen apples in her summerhouse near the battle line. To tell about her unsophisticated life, the woman shoots videos on her small camera for the daughter who lives in the capital and who is hard to reach on the phone. To make the conversation last, she feeds fairytales and morels to her grown up kid.

HAPPY EASTER 14′ Svitlana Grigorenko Ukraine 2015

This film is about difficult relationships between two people who are so close and relative but at the same time such a different personalities.

RAIN PROJECT 24′ Oleh Chorny Ukraine 2016


Armed with his brushes, the mural painter Gamlet Zinkivsky roams the streets of the Ukrainian city of Mariupol, 20 km from the front line. The artist’s initiative does not go unnoticed.

TEMPORARY 21′ Oksana Karpovych Ukraine Canada 2017

Temporary is a portrait of the joys and struggles of a Ukrainian immigrant in Quebec. The film is knitted with fragments of the diaspora life philosophy and routine, corporate parties and news brainwashing. Unformed plots are united by the destiny of an ordinary garage worker who is hanging above an intercontinental abyss.

THE DIARY 34′ Oleksandra Chuprina Ukraine 2017


Denys is 14. He is a loser in studies, but expert in DOTA. ‘The school diary is your face’, – teachers say to him. Denys records himself everyday and reflects on the things that really worry him. We are behind the scenes of the teenager`s life. The way of growing up – how it looks like?

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