Tim Ellrich (Germany, Austria): films and Q&A

TIM ELLRICH (Germany, Austria) – a screening and a talk with a film director

tim elrichYoung German filmmaker. Since his childhood he has been fascinated by movies and began working in a cinema in his hometown at an early age. After some traineeships at professional film productions, he began to produce his own films and moved to Vienna, where he studied Theatre, Film and Media Studies. He graduated with distinction and applied afterwards at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. In his films Ellrich tries to deal with the absurdities of the daily life. His films were screened at more than 100 film festivals around the world.




TWO WINDOWS 10’ Tim Ellrich Germany 2016

Two neighbours jump into an unexpected friendship outside their windows.

THE BATHTUB 13′ Tim Ellrich Austria, Germany 2015

Three brothers try to dive back into their childhood through an old family picture of them in the bathtub.

THE OUTCASTS 6’ Tim Ellrich Austria 2014

A barrier tape drives a bunch of neighbors to the borders of madness.

VEILED 12’ Tim Ellrich Austria 2013

Conflicted with his fathers sexuality Adel tries to find his own tolerance in a traditional world.

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