The winners of Wiz-Art 2016

The winners of 9th Lviv International Film Festival Wiz-Art have been announced. The Grand Prix goes to the Canadian director from Quebec – Patrice Laliberté and his film OVERPASS. SON by  Philip Sotnychenko became the best Ukrainian film.

The award ceremony was opened on 4th of August at Lviv Palace of Arts. The best films were announced by the jury – German director WILLY HANS, Ukrainian film critic – DARIA BADIOR and Polish director GRZEGORZ DĘBOWSKI. In addition to the main award of the festival – Grand Prix, LISFF awards were – prizes for Best director, Best script, Best Cinematography, Best Ukraini Film and Special mention. The audience were also given a chance to chose their favourite movie.



OVERPASS 19′ Patrice Laliberté Canada 2015

One night, Mathieu, 17, goes under an overpass to do a graffiti.

Jury statement: For showing real pain without tears and telling a story about loss with gentle smile at the end.


THE RETURN OF ERKIN 28′ Maria Guskova Russia 2015

Erkin gets out of prison and wants to return to his former life. But everything has changed and he does not know if he can live as a free man.

Jury statement:  A film that deals in a sensitive and silent way with the tragedies of human life. It tells us something about the individual ability to change for the better and the difficulties facing social prejudice and unforgiveness. After all, there is hope.


THE BATHTUB 13′ Tim Ellrich Austria, Germany 2015

Three brothers try to dive back into their childhood through an old family picture of them in the bathtub.

Jury statement:  For truthful and delicate writing about the hell of being a family.


CHANGE IN THE WEATHER 17` Muiris Crowley Ireland 2015

Michael, a young man living in rural Ireland, struggles to adjust to a sudden change in his furtive lifestyle.

Jury statement:  For piercing image of a fragile inner state of human being in its attempts to fit in the world outside.


SON 16′ Philip Sotnychenko Ukraine 2015

During the political crisis in the country, the young couple is going through divorce. The mother intends to emigrate with her child, but child’s father refuses to give the permission.

Jury statement:  For contemporary story about man who learns what is most important in life and building characters who are not purely good or bad but simply real.


BLOOD 13′ Valeriya Sochyvets Ukraine 2016

Nastya is a young cello player and she’s in love with her friend Yura. At some point of her life, between rehearsals and parties, she decided she wants Yura to be the first. But not every guy can go for it…

Jury statement:  Special mention goes to a film that deals in an intelligent experimental way with content and image. A fragmental narrative is caged into puzzling cinematic tableaus. The mention goes to BLOOD”


BLACK MOUNTAIN 18′ Taras Dron Ukraine 2016

12-years old Yurko lives in far mountain village with his mother. Yurko’s father went to work abroad. The fight for father’s car becomes a story of growing up.

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