Non-Competition International Program

August 5, Friday, 5 pm
Lviv Art Palace

Would this way be in vain if you don’t know where your home is? The price of love, the price of dinner in the restaurant, the price of the painting on sale. You are going through your life grasping the senses and meanings, you are afraid to fall, afraid to lose. Home is where nothing  is lost. Everything is at its proper place, and love is highly prized.

SUNSET 37’ Andrej Annenski Russia, Romania 2015

A soul-stirring story of a young mother who moves from the provinces to Moscow, willing to secure a decent future for her young son. Yet, the price she has to pay for a brighter future seems to be too high. It is not only her honor and dignity she should sacrifice.

MERCURY 5′ Melis Balcı, Ege Okal Turkey 2015

A young artist who works as a gallery assistant is taken to a luxury dinner with her boss, the gallery owner, after an international art fair. An art collector, a curator and an institution director join the table.

UNDER THE SUN 19′ Qiu Yang China 2015

One incident occurs, two families tangle. There’s nothing new under the sun.

SHUN 25′ Lavi Shiyun Hu USA 2015

Itsuki, 40 years old Sushi sous-chef and the right hand of his father Mr.Hashimoto in the high-end grip sushi restaurant. Although the son has been working under his father for the past 20 years, they hold very different ideologies regarding food and life. Once Mr.Hashimoto falls ill, he decides to pass the control of the restaurant to his son.

duration – 86 min.

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