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The Organ Hall prepared a real surprise for the visual lovers! In the evening of August 7, a concert of organ improvisations by Ivan Ostapovich will be held, which will be accompanied by the screening of short films from the Wiz-Art artistic formation.

Ivan Ostapovych – is a conductor, composer, director of the Lviv Organ Hall. Ostapovych studied at S. Krushelnytska specialized musical school in Lviv, studied conducting at the Kyiv Conservatory, bassoon and composition in Lviv Conservatory. He is the winner of the first prize of the All-Ukrainian Conductor Competition in Kherson. Co-founder of Collegium Musicum Lviv music agency and chamber orchestra with the following title, from which Ukrainian Festival Orchestra grew.


Ivan Ostapovych – organ

Wiz-Art – visual support


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SCREEN TEST: PART ONE 7′ Emma Sywyj United Kingdom 2016

This silent film is compiled of old and new screen tests. The film showcases amongst others the star quality, on screen charisma & talents of Audrey Hepburn, Robert De Niro, Marilyn Monroe, Milla Jovovich , Charlie Chaplin, Elvis, Audrey Tatou, Judy Garland and Neve Campbell. The screen tests themselves are from films such as Fifth Element & Amelie.

LIGHT PLAYS 7′ Anne-Marie Bouchard Canada 2017

Old footage from 16mm film is scratched, drawn upon, and experimentally animated with a quantum dots solution. The film seems at first about sound, the moon, and exotic birds, but it is, for me, more about narration, experimentation, and playfulness.

SPIN 5′ Oliver Smith USA 2018

Spin uses abstract images coupled with electronic sounds.

EDGE OF ALCHEMY 20′ Stacey Steers USA 2017

In Edge of Alchemy the silent-era actors Mary Pickford and Janet Gaynor are seamlessly appropriated from their early films of the 1920’s and cast into a surreal epic with an upending of the Frankenstein story and an undercurrent of hive collapse. Comprised of over 6000 handmade collages, Edge of Alchemy is the third in a trilogy looking at the psychological terrain of women’s inner worlds.

DAHLIA  4′ Ana Mouyis USA 2017

Through a metaphorical narrative about love, Dahlia explores a relationship between two people which is burdened by mental illness. Journey through a colorful and ever- changing world; a hand painted realm that shifts and morphs to portray a darkened state of mind. Based on the ups and down of my parents’ relationship, this illustrative and subtle narrative conveys a nuanced look into the experience of mental illness and how love, patience and commitment can overcome even the biggest obstacles.

DEER BOY 15’ Katarzyna Gondek Belgium, Croatia, Poland 2017

A short story about a strange weave of love and hate. Its beginning is the birth of a son of a hunter. The boy is born with small nodules, which over time turn into overgrown antlers that resemble a baby deer. Untold, a surreal and perverse vision of the world in which “every man kills what he loves” is also a suggestive statement about hunting and human relationships and the environment.

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