Sound and Vision. Opening Films

At the opening ceremony of the 13th Wiz-Art Film Festival in the Courtyard of Lviv City Hall, we will watch films accompanied by the music by TIK TU, PILIKAYU, PALINDROM, MARYANA KLOCHKO, MARK TOKAR and MONTESKIE. Unique format and experience that cannot be compared with anything. The films will be on the screen twice – with new music accompaniment, as well as with the original sound. Musicians are already working on their tracks. The most interesting thing is that they will only hear the original audiotracks together with the audience at the festival opening.

STORY 5’ Jolanta Bańkowska Poland 2019

‘Story’ is a reflection about modern man in an age of omnipresent technology.

BRAVE FACTORY 5’ Tina AJ, Andrew AJ Ukraine 2020 

The Beetle and his faithful friend Tree made their way to the factory to turn a rational industrial facility into a world of irrational beauty.

HIDE N SEEK 7’ Barbora Halířová Czech Republic 2019

On the background of a children’ game there is a story about the flow and perception of time. To win the game, the young boy becomes an old man and his life shrinks to one hide-and-seek game.

EASTER 4’ Валерій Гриша Україна 2020

The grandmother sees her children and grandchildren rarely because they work and study at another city. Easter is a good occasion for grandmother to meet her children. But the coronavirus destroys all plans.

CYCLE 6’ Julia Benedyktowicz Poland 2019

The main heroine lives trapped in the rhythm of the city, haunted by the recurring glitches of urban noise. She breaks the cycle from her overwhelming nightmares to experience a different world.

FATALIS 3’ Vyacheslav Bihun Ukraine 2020

Fatalis (Latin, fateful) is a look at the life and fate of walnut, a symbol of intelligence, wisdom and inspiration.

EMPTY PLACES 8’ Geoffroy de Crécy France 2020

Where is everyone?

13th Lviv International Short Film Festival Wiz-Art is supported by Ukrainian Cultural FoundationLviv City Administration and Ukrainian State Film Agency.

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