BEST of Short Waves: Polish Panorama

RESONANCE 6’ Mateusz Sadowski Poland 2013

An outcome of reading and thinking about physical theories proposing the existence of parallel worlds and disputes tackling the issue of whether the world has a linear (analogous) or non-linear (discrete) structure and finding balance between divergent traits by reading, for example, Robert Walser. The film was created simultaneously with the process of exploring the aforenamed topics.

HOSANNA 9’ Katarzyna Gondek 2013

Hosanna is a story of a lively girls who enters the world of her grandmother – a bigot and wreaks sweet havoc in it. The granddaughter discovers a bizarre collection of grandmother’s friend.

LUKE AND LOTTA 8’ Renata Gąsiorowska Poland 2012

A short story about cone-girl Lotta and pear-boy Luke who go for their first date.

AN INCREDIBLY FLEXIBLE MAN 4’ Karolina Specht Poland 2013

A story of a man who was born without his own shape. Constant deformations and squeezing into someone else’s forms evoke a feeling of rebellion in him. Can he live completely independently from others and in isolation from reality?

THE HEAT 23’ Bartosz Kruhlik Poland 2013

THE HEAT – 1. Coal or wood afire to redness, 2. High air temperature, 3. Vehemence of feelings.

SHAME 6’ Karma Fryc Poland 2012

Free or humiliated? Who is ashamed? Me or you? It is so hard to share one’s secret.

THE 128TH RAT 30’ Jakub Pączek Poland 2013

A black-humoured comedy about staying away from the rat race, and about a wry realisation that only idiots are capable of true happiness.  Paweł Burak, a much frustrated theology student, declares war on oppressive reality.

Duration – 93 min. 

Entrance – 25 UAH 

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