Shades of Love

Modern love – what’s it like? What makes us say those magical words that we wait for so much? A darker look at the world of relationships and love at its extremes, challenging notions of nice guys, healthy relationships and unticipated romance in a program of uncynical and unconventional love stories. 

This is an online event, you can watch films at Wiz-Art Film Festival Online 

A SUMMER MORNING 7′ Patrick Muroni Switzerland 2019

Summer. Two friends danced all night in a rave party. At the morning, they have to go home.

WHAT IF YOU DANCED  19′ Laurens Perol Norway 2020

A collection of fragments in an unbalanced period of Sturla and Almas life together. Sturla has lost his foothold after quitting his studies and Alma is enjoying a carefree life in Lofoten. The unsaid is seeping through the cracks and slowly rupturing their relationship.

TERESA 9′ Gabriele Ciances Italy 2019

An old man decides to buy an inflatable doll, transforming it into his deceased wife.

 IN CASE OF FIRE 23′ Tomás Paula Marques Portugal 2019

It’s summer in the Portuguese countryside, where the local festivities take place. Chico is haunted by a hate crime committed in his village against a boy who was secretly close to him. Throughout this journey, Chico, pressured by his friends, tries both to follow their social standards and hide his fears and desires.

THE CORD 7′ Olexandr Bubnov Ukraine 2018

This film is about blind maternal love, overcare, that doesn’t let the son grow into a man, but makes his inner child stay helpless and infantile for ages.

THE NUTCATCHER 13′ Domenico Modafferi Italy 2019

Giuseppe is a young man without a hand. But when he meets the beautiful Viola, he hides his condition, even pretending to be a pianist…

FROM MATTI WITH LOVE 18′ Jarno Lindemark Finland 2019

It’s midsummer in a Finnish small town of Imatra near the Russian border. Matti, a lonely 54-year old man, meets Masha, a Russian transwoman. When the glittering night falls, Matti has to face the consequences of his fake life.

13th Lviv International Short Film Festival Wiz-Art is supported by Ukrainian Cultural FoundationLviv City Administration and Ukrainian State Film Agency.

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