Q&A with Christoph Schwarz



He graduated from the University of Applied Arts Vienna in 2006 where he studied with Peter Weibel, Karel Dudesek, and Tom Fürstner. Additional education at the Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design Prague, conceptual art studio Jiří David. Schwarz’s projects mainly emerge out of self-involved set-ups, in which he blends fact and fiction into humorous narratives that can find their respective formal shape in performance, installations and short film, and have been shown at exhibitions and film festivals internationally.

SUPERCARGO 13Christoph Schwarz Austria 2010

Christoph Schwarz took the opportunity to come on a container vessel to a residency programme in Shanghai. As a ship steward on the “MS Confidence” – operating in a “semi-automatic routine” – he was the only person on board for the longest parts of the voyage. To overcome isolation and boredom he began to document his trip on video.

RHODOPIA 12 Christoph Schwarz Austria 2012

His 30th birthday makes Austrian media artist Christoph Schwarz accept his life as fatally misguided. Nothing was ever authentically meant honestly. An artist in residence programme in Bulgaria is used as a pretext to start life anew. With unadorned honesty “Rhodopia” describes the most intimate fears of a generation trained on maximum individuality seeking clarity and community. The omnipresent need to reinvent one’s identity turns out to be the opportunity to restart the main character’s life.

KROCHACARRALDO 18 Christoph Schwarz Austria 2013

For the thirty-year-anniversary of “Fitzcarraldo” the german Goethe institute announces a competition for a supporting movie. Filmmaker Christoph Schwarz blends elements from the Herzog cosmos over recent Viennese pop culture and fails completely. Loosly based upon Herzog’s diary “Conquest of the Useless”,  difficulties of filmmaking are transposed to Schwarz’ life as filmmaker and visual artist.

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