Philip Sotnychenko. Screening and Q&A

philip sotnychenkoPhilip Sotnychenko – Born in 1989 in Kyiv, into a family of filmmakers. Studied film criticism at the Kyiv National Karpenko-Kary Theatre, Film, and Television University and this year, he is graduating from the directing workshop. He is also the co-founder of the NGO «CUC» (Contemporary Ukrainian Cinema) and works as program director at the national competition at the festival of modern arts GOGOLFEST.

October 13, Friday, 2 pm
Kopernyk Movie Theatre, Kopernyka 9

free entrance

TECHNICAL BREAK 29’ Philip Sotnychenko Ukraine 2017

Sometimes the most important events pass unnoticed. The movie follows the events that take place during the break in a supermarket. In the course of this technical break, the cashier who hides her pregnancy manages to steal items from the supermarket, sell them at the market and lose hope for a happy motherhood before returning to her workplace.


NAIL 32’ Philip Sotnychenko Ukraine 2016

Valentina works as a lawyer in a Lichtenstein bank. She is responsible for the Eastern-European relations. She remembers Ukraininan and Russian languages since she was a kid, as she has lived in Kiev until the age of 13. In 1996, in the midst of hard transitive economic period in Ukraine, Valentina with her mother and stepfather emigrated to Switzerland. 20 years have passed.

SON 16′ Philip Sotnychenko Ukraine 2015

During the political crisis in the country, the young couple is going through divorce. The mother intends to emigrate with her child, but child’s father refuses to give the permission.


HUG 31′ Philip Sotnychenko Ukraine 2013

An unbreakable story about unnoticed details of an unexpected encounter.

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