Opening ‘Sound and Vision’

The opening and the special event Sound and Vision will take place on 19th of August at 7 pm in Lviv Orghan Hall.

These films will come to life on the screen twice — once with the original sound, but also with the accompaniment of electronic and classical music. One of Lviv’s “big screens” invites you to a unique meeting in the sacral and innovative atmosphere. We will spend the evening in the company of Katarina GryvulMaryana KlochkoMelancholy DrivePilikayu, Dalebi, Andrii KovalskyiIvan Ostapovych, while the unsurpassed master of irony and our presenter Bohdan Shumylovych will create the atmosphere of the event.

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Program of the Films 


THE TRAIN, THE FOREST 3 Patrick Buhr Germany 2017

A train ride reveals strange incidences.

ARTEM SILENDI 8′ Frank Ychou France 2017

Sisters are sinners like others.

BLESS YOU! 4′ Paulina Ziółkowska Poland 2018

Everyone gets sick of everyone. But things become really bad when you get sick of yourself.

POLITIK 2′ Antonello Matarazzo Italy 2017

101 dead insects between immobility and transformation. The polis of bees and insects in an interconnected world before the internet.

LIVING LIKE HETA 6′ Bianca Caderas Switzerland 2017

Heta lives with her pet seal in her peculiar house full of curious rooms and endless corridors. Her entire life consists of carefully planned routines. When the latter gets thrown into disarray, Heta‘s world begins to crumble.

HYBRIDS 6′ Florian Brauch, Matthieu Pujol, Kim Tailhades, Yohan Thireau, Roman Thirion France 2017

The fish have to adapt if the ocean is filled with garbage, even if it means that you have a bottle cap for a head.


KIDS 9′ Michael Frei Switzerland 2019

An animated short exploring group dynamics. How do we define ourselves when we are all equal?


BIRTHPLACE 6′ Sil van der Woeld The Netherlands 2018

The symbolic story of a man arriving on a perfect Earth, who encounters his nemesis in the form of ocean pollution.

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