National Competition Program 2020

12 films on Ukraine and its people today. Imagined stories or real, dreams and plans. Insightful, serious, funny or tragic – they all deserve the attention of viewers.

You can watch UA competition programs on 8th and 9th of September in Kopernik Cinema in Lviv offline and online at Big Short cinema.

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LOVE AND HATE. National Competition 1 (September 8, 7pm)

  • IN OUR SYNAGOGUE 20′ Ivan Orlenko Ukraine 2019
  • SAVE ME, DOCTOR! 19’ Dmytro Hreshko Ukraine 2020
  • MANCH & DAN 8’ Maksym Kotskyi  Ukraine 2019
  • LOVE AND FISH 9′ Myro Klochko Ukraine 2020
  • THE SURROGATE 6’ Stas Santimov Ukraine 2020
  • THE CARPET 20’ Natalia Kyselova Ukraine 2020

Duration – 82 min.

WHO AM I? National Competition 2  (September 9, 7pm)

  • THE SECRET, THE GIRL AND THE BOY 12’ Oksana Kazmina Ukraine 2019
  • MUTE 11’ Kyrylo Zemlyanyi Ukraine 2019
  • TILIA 18’ Tetiana Usova Ukraine 2020
  • WATER 21’ Dasha Volga Ukraine 2019
  • CIRCULATION 11’ Oleksiy Radynski Ukraine 2020
  • THE CALL 7’ Kadim Tarasov Ukraine 2019

Duration – 80 min.

WATER 21′ Dasha Volga Ukraine 2019

Is there any chance for true happiness after an emotional and physical trauma? Nasar, a participant of tragic events on the East of the country, moves to the Ukrainian side and tries to start a new life. But the new life has its own challenges and the past won’t let go…

SAVE ME, DOCTOR! 19′ Dmytro Hreshko Ukraine 2020

The film tells about the work of the ambulance team in the New Year holidays in Kyiv. The main characters are three ambulance workers: a doctor, a paramedic, and a driver, and the challenges and patients they face during their work shift.

THE CALL 7′ Kadim Tarasov Ukraine 2019

Two cheaters deceive people on the phone and demand money. They call people at night and pretend to be their relatives, who are arrested and beg for money. This time a retired woman Mariia becomes their victim. She is ready to do everything to rescue her nephew Ihor from prison. But cheaters have no clue what is waiting for them after meeting the old helpless woman.

THE CARPET 20′ Natasha Kyselova Ukraine 2020

Tolik is a teenager who lives with his mother in a front line city. Each day she asks him to clean on the carpet. But he has no deal with it — he has a business with his friends. Besides, he falls in love with a young woman and helps her with a baby. Through all of this vital difficulties nobody notices how the war comes.

CIRCULATION 11′ Oleksiy Radynski Ukraine 2020

Three-years-long observation of Kyiv’s moving landscape, condensed into 10 minutes of screen time.

LOVE AND FISH 9′ Myro Klochko Ukraine 2020

It’s a love story between one salesgirl of fish and one boy in jail. The only thing what they can do is dreaming about each other.

MANCH & DAN 8′ Kotskyi Maksym Ukraine 2019

Two teenagers made a music video for international art-group. They just captured a day of their life in the hood using an old handy cam.

THE SECRET, THE GIRL AND THE BOY 12’ Oksana Kazmina Ukraine 2019

The Girl and the Boy play in a garden. They are left alone there and they do not have any obligations to behave in a certain way. This gives them the freedom to create their own ways of interaction with the world. During such an interaction, adult social constructs inter-twist into weird children folklore and shift into an abstract sphere. There are secrets and various modes of being in the world of the Girl and the Boy.

THE SURROGATE 6′ Stas Santimov Ukraine 2020

A man destroys the nest of an unknown creepy creature. But it’s not the most horrible creature he will meet tonight.

IN OUR SYNAGOGUE 20′ Ivan Orlenko Ukraine 2019

A boy tries to find out what happened in the old local synagogue. Obsessed, he is chasing something he never saw and does not pay any attention to what is happening around him.

MUTE 11′ Kyrylo Zemlyanyi Ukraine 2019

Ivan wants to be an actor more than anything in his life. He is taking acting classes and getting ready to apply to drama university. But there is one big problem. He can’t speak. Would this boy be able to make his dreams come true?

TILIA 18′ Tetiana Usova Ukraine 2020

Can you trust your own memory? When all the photos are destroyed, only linden blossom will preserve the memory of a beloved.

13th Lviv International Short Film Festival Wiz-Art is supported by Ukrainian Cultural Foundation, Lviv City Administration and Ukrainian State Film Agency.

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