National Competition 2016

This year 8 short films of Ukrainian directors compete for Audience Award, Special Mention Award and Best Ukrainian Short Film Award.

CONDENSED 7′ Kateryna Gornostai Ukraine 2016

Explosion of the condensed milk on the kitchen stove — seems to be the worst thing that can happen. Even those who are responsible for its consequences don’t know what will be next. A small crash in a small apartment can be an occasion for something more…

SON 16′ Philip Sotnychenko Ukraine 2015

During the political crisis in the country, the young couple is going through divorce. The mother intends to emigrate with her child, but child’s father refuses to give the permission.

ARDEA 11′ Maria Ponomarova Ukraine, Netherlands 2016

Woman and man are running in the park. Both are loners, both are keeping their rhythm. Their ways are crossing, a rhythm became something more than a regular change of inhaling and exhaling. Running became a passion, a passion that can leave them out of breath.


MEN’S WORK 15′ Maryna Stepanska Ukraine, Austria 2015

The 47-year-old man is working for a Corporation, which is engaged in illegal occupation of rural land. Leaving for another “object”, he discovers a huge unfinished cathedral at the infinite field. He needs to decide what to do with the cathedral, as well as to subdue a farmer who rightfully owns the land.

WITHOUT YOU (SENSIZ) 15′ Nariman Aliev Ukraine 2015

Two young men are travelling to celebrate their older brother’s birthday, but their plan is delayed when their car breaks down. The sun is going to set before long and there’s little chance of finding help in this god-forsaken place. They eventually decide to travel the rest of the long journey by foot.

TRASH 16′ Tetiana Symon Ukraine 2015

Brother and sister come to clean up the trailer inherited from father. They have significant difference in age and usually they rarely see each other. While cleaning, the taboo topics are brought up. It leads to conflict escalation.

BLOOD 13′ Valeriya Sochyvets Ukraine 2016

Nastya is a young cello player and she’s in love with her friend Yura. At some point of her life, between rehearsals and parties, she decided she wants Yura to be the first. But not every guy can go for it…

BLACK MOUNTAIN 18′ Taras Dron Ukraine 2016

12-years old Yurko lives in far mountain village with his mother. Yurko’s father went to work abroad. The fight for father’s car becomes a story of growing up.

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