Midnight Sexy Shorts 2020

What is hiding behind the closed doors of our subconscious and striving to break out? It only takes one impulse to release the complex excitation mechanism. For some of us it can be body language, a sex toy or various fantasies that can turn into real ecstasy.

September 9 at 22:00 at Planeta Kino Forum Lviv. Tickets are available at ticketclub.com.ua

THE VIBRANT VILLAGE 6′ Weronika Jurkiewicz Poland 2019

In a quiet Hungarian village, men gather to swill beer at the bar. Meanwhile, the women are busy at work, contributing their time to the mass production of sexual satisfaction.

DIAGONAL 6′ Anne Thorens Switzerland 2019

A young couple is already in the heat of the action when she asks him for a condom. He doesn’t have one, but that doesn’t seem to put a curb on his enthusiasm.

ROSES IN THE NIGHT 10′ Pencho Kunchev Bulgaria 2019

A story of a young girl in Ancient Greece between ripening and mystery of first love. Based upon “Les Chansons de Bilitis” by Pierre Louys (1875-1920).

B.K.S. 11′ Alexa-Jeanne Dubé Canada 2019

BKS is a short fiction film using A.S.M.R. video codes to unfold.

XYU  2′ Donato Sansone France 2019

A short animated visual madness, where body parts merge and transform through a continuous and strange metamorphosis.

PAOLA MAKES A WISH 8′ Zhannat Alshanova Switzerland 2019

On an ordinary day at work, Paola starts to feel that she is missing out something exciting in her life.

SYMBIOSIS 13′ Nadja Andrasev France 2019

A betrayed wife starts to investigate her husband’s mistresses. Her jealousy is gradually replaced by curiosity…

THE ORGY 15′ Sam Baron UK 2017

The Orgy is a romantic comedy about a heartbroken guy who throws caution to the wind and goes to an orgy. He feels very awkward and out of place, until he meets a friendly girl who seems to like him – but he soon discovers that an orgy is not the ideal place to fall in love.

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