Morning sexy wake up shorts

Nobody talks about sex, body image, perception of oneself and relationship with youth in Ukraine. There is almost no sexual education for Ukrainian teens: it is poorly represented in schools, families are ashamed to talk about such intimate issues, and there is a lack of truthful information on the Internet. This morning we wake up to watch films about sex and discuss them with our partner, online educational platform “For the First Time”.


TASTE OF LOVE 4′ Paul Scheufler Austria 2017

“What is the taste of love?” Could it be sweet, sour, bitter or even salty? A girl embarks on an aromatic journey of love, stimulating her taste buds to the point of climax. With all senses, she explores the various forms love can take on. “Love is as diverse as our sense of taste.”

ADELE IN AUGUST 27′ Camille Rosset 2016 France

15 year old Adele is spending summer with her family at a friend’s house, in the country. To fight the boredom, she rummages through 25 year old Samuel’s stuff, whilst sleeping in his room. He’s good looking, a musician…. her kinda guy. One day, he shows up! Adèle tries to get close to him… Will she get close enough to touch?

INTERCOURSE 10′ Jonatan Etzler Sweden 2017

Сouple wakes up in bed together; they start making out and he wants to take things further, but she’s not in the mood. A passing joke about paying for her to change her mind turns serious and afterwards, they have a hard time coming to terms with how this has changed their relationship.

KILLER 20′ Matt Kazman USA 2016

When Dusty masturbates for the first time, something bad happens…

MANIMALS 4′ Jihyeon Oh South Korea 2017

The woman remembers her former boyfriends in images of animals.

NIVEO 11′ Noelia Crispin Peru 2017

As part of their sexual awakening, two adolescents will share an unexpected encounter that will mark the path of their sexual life.

SEXLIFE 15′ Stefan Georgiou United Kingdom 2014

Dan and Mia haven’t had sex since the birth of their child. Now Dan decides to take the bull by the horns and dress up to entice Mia back to intimacy, with unexpected results.


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