Made in Ukraine. National Competition

Made in Ukraine. Українська конкурсна програма

The screening will be held on July 27th at 5 pm in Green Hall of Lviv Art Palace and at 7 pm at the cinema ‘Sokil’, tickets can be bought here. Total duration of the program 88 minutes

THE SUBSCRIBER 9’ Maryna & Oksana Artemenko Ukraine 2013

When all the lines are busy… ” Ukrainian policeman gets into a sarcastic situation, which metaphorically reflects the heavy Ukrainian present.

GRANNY 5’ Alina Gorlova Ukraine 2014

It’s a short symbolic story of an old woman and her loneliness that grew up to madness.

INVENTION 9’ Kateryna Chepyk Ukraine 2013

A girl playing in a room gets so excited that insensibly gets into paper and plasticine world.

GUESTS AT MY HOME 5’ Oleh Fedchenko Ukraine 2013

This is a little metaphysical etude, where there is an object, around which everything unfolds, there are characters, conflicts, but there are no clear outlines of events. Let everyone imagine them. There is only one space in which everything happens, the sand.

24 HOURS iN A LIFE OF A WOMAN 12’ Oleksandr Feshchenko Ukraine 2013

The story of the woman who betrayed.

OLD MAN DECIDED TO MARRY 5’ Oleh Borysenko Ukraine 2013

One old man decided to marry. He didn`t want to marry the old woman, but decided to marry the young girl. The young girl rejected his proposal and the old woman feel sorry for him. So they lived happily ever after.

THE GUM 10’ Olha Makarchuk Ukraine 2013

The Gum is constantly neglected and forced to fit into the circumstances, though its only dream is to fly as careless as a bubble, reveling in freedom. It’s a day in life of a bubblegum. Or maybe a day in your own life?


Objects in mirror are closer than they appear, they are deep and alive.

What about there? What about here? Now? Let’s take a road way to the world of the only sensible reality.

Reality of feelings, states, emotions.

SORTER 8’ Oleksandr Shkrabak Ukraine 2013

A small fantasy on other worlds and dimensions, on people like us making mistakes results of which could be fatal.

SUMMER FALL 24’ Maryna Roshchyn Ukraine 2013

Every boy has his day. The day when it seems to him that he had become a man. What does it take for an adult to wake up inside a youngster? Andriy is a young guy who lives with his mother in a small town. After a trip to his rarely seen father, he feels that it is time to become the master of his destiny.

COLD WAR 2’ Julija Proskurina Ukraine 2014

Childish memories mixed with the remains of Soviet anti-US propaganda.

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