Leopold Dewolf. Screening and Q&A

state_leopold_dewolfLéopold Dewolf was born in 1991 in Paris, France. After completing high school in France, Léopold moved to London, and attended the University of Westminster where he earned his Bachelor of Arts in Animation with First Class Honors. Without wasting a bit, Léopold then flew to Los Angeles to earn his Master in Film Production from USC’s School of Cinematic Arts. His shorts “Niagara” and “We Are Your Friends” netted him several awards and selections in film festivals throughout Europe, including The 31st Festival Tous Courts in Aix-en-Provence, the Screen Stockport Film Festival in England, and the ECU Independent Film Festival in Paris.

Léopold wants to make movies about young people, his generation — a globalized generation, from Paris, to London, to Los Angeles; without borders but with an insane lust for life!

October 14, Saturday, 1 pm
Kopernyk Movie Theatre, Kopernyka 9

free entrance


GOODBYE, YOU 22’ Léopold Dewolf 2016

Two Frenchmen and an American girl set out on a road trip from LA to San Francisco. Antoine lusts after his best friend’s girlfriend, Melody — especially once she reveals her plans to break up with Guillaume. A Californian journey sparks a European love triangle.


A Daylight Affair 8’ Léopold Dewolf 2015

One lazy summer afternoon, somewhere in Topanga canyon: a group of young couples sips expensive wine out on a porch. Conversations revolve around Brahms, his violin sonatas and cheating.


Elaine and Josh 5’ Léopold Dewolf 2013

If Elaine and Josh hadn’t gone on holiday to Japan, this film could have been about them. Elaine’s boyfriend bumps into Josh’s girlfriend. The heat is crushing; a conversation begins…


We Are Your Friends 13’ Léopold Dewolf 2012

What did Becky, Phoebe, Adam, Marcus and Jess do in 2011? A portrayal of the children of Lady Gaga and Mark Zuckerberg; the “iPhone generation”.


Niagara 4’ Léopold Dewolf 2011

Two love-struck gangsters escape with one million dollars in a bag and some serious trust issues. A road trip starts.

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