Anatoliy Lavrenishyn. The secrets of creation of the animation

This year during the festival, lecturer Wiz-art School Films will be Anatoliy Lavrenishyn – Ukrainian graphic artist and Director of animated films. When Anatoliy was 6 years old, he saw a cartoon about magical reindeer and interested, as hand-drawn pictures can move. Since this all began. In 2011 he founded the animation Studio “Marcus Movie” in Ukraine.

Анатолій Лавренішин. Секрети створення анімації

His animated films have participated in festivals – ROTTERDAM IFF (Netherlands), Annecy IAFF (France), Golden Hourse IFF (Taiwan), Clermont-Ferrand IFF (France), etc.
Anatoly reveals the secrets of movie making THE SHOP of SONG BIRDS and  talk about the symbiosis of creativity and new technical possibilities in animation by analyzing their films.

The FOLLOWING 3’40”Anatoliy Lavrenishyn  Ukraine  2003

WANDERING BETWEEN 10’15” Anatoliy Lavrenishyn  Ukraine 2005

YOU are EMPTY (animated inserts) 18′ Anatoliy Lavrenishyn  Ukraine 2007

The Shop of Song Bird 18′ Anatoliy Lavrenishyn Ukraine 2014

In 1682 during his last trip to the Ottoman Empire Antoine Galland wrote down couple of stories that were told to him by a wandering monk. For unknown reasons those stories were not included to “The Thousand and One Nights”. Then 300 years have passed and animation studio “MarcusFilm” made a movie out of one of the most fantastic stories of the collection and called it “The Shop of Song Bird”

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