Late Night Shorts

We will collect the receipts from you so that you will not complain to The National Expert Commission on the Protection of Public Morality Although … it has already been eliminated, but it does not mean that you do not have to be 18 to watch these movies.

October 13, Friday, 11 pm
The Palace of Art, Kopernyka 17, 2nd floor

CONSENTING ADULTS 15′ Alice Gruia Germany 2017

Philip and Jelena are getting ready for a night in having a quick shower, arranging some snacks on the table and making the odd snide remark. Both are too preoccupied trying to cover up their own insecurity to actually realize how insecure the other is.

PLEASE RELAX NOW 12′ Vika Kirchenbauer Germany 2016

In direct address, Vika Kirchenbauer invites you to Please Relax Now. You’re about to experience liberty and desire, under the guiding voice of the artist.

THE LOG 7′ Teemu Nikki Finland 2016

A film director want’s frontal nudity, but the actor has too much to give

COSMOS 3′ Daria Kopiec Poland 2016

Cosmos is an animated film about body. Muscles, skin, heart which wish to be touched. About body wanting to experience closeness with other body.

MILK 15′ Urszula Morga Poland 2016

Ewa takes her daughter to their lake house to prepare for her 18th birthday party. Unbeknownst to her mother, Julka brings along her boyfriend. The mother openly disapproves his presence and wants to get rid of him. However, the more she tries, the more obvious it becomes that the hardest battle she will have to fight is the battle with herself.

NIGHT WITH NATALYA 27′ Andriy Bondarenko Ukraine 2016

Thirty-something old fellow – Ostap – rides his bike back home after booze-soaked conversation with a friend. On his way Ostap meets an attractive girl. She appears to be a prostitute, he appears to have not enough money to apply for her services. But she have no client at the monent and does not mind to have a chat. She even agrees to go to Ostap’s place…

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