Laila Pakalnina: films and Q&A


Laila_Pakalnina_grafitiLaila Pakalnina born 1962 in Liepaja, Latvia. 1986 graduated from the Moscow University, Department of TV Journalism. 1991 graduated from the Moscow Film Institute (VGIK), Department of Film Direction. Director and scriptwriter of 22 documentaries, 5 shorts, 4 fiction features. So she has 31 films, 2 children, 1 husband, 1 dog, 1 bicycle. And many ideas for new films.

PAPA GENA 10’ Laila Pakalnina Latvia 2001

The city is as it is. There needs to be a serious reason in order to ask an urban person to stop and be calm in front of the camera for a moment. This time Mozart serves as the reason.

DREAM LAND 35’ Laila Pakalnina Latvia 2004

There are places that we don’t want to know anything about, places that we would rather pretend don’t exist at all. One such place is a dumpsite. From the humans’ point of view, it is a ghastly place, a stinking desert of trash. But it’s a desert that is teaming with life.

WATER 12’  Laila Pakalnina Latvia 2006

Maria decides to go for a swim in the pool even though it looks deserted and she’s warned that the water is cold. When she gets into the pool she is faced with not only the frigid water, but with her other feelings as well. Like fear.

SILENCE 16’ Laila Pakalnina Latvia 2009

There should be silence in a museum. And someone should see to it that the silence is there. It’s the logical order of things. However, it might seem weird to somebody.

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