Films for kids 12+

The program for kids is an hour of fun and reflection about eternal things. The same as in adolescence – everything is mixed up, but in a way that finally leads this mess to harmony.

AU REVOIR BALTAZAR 10′ Rafael Sommerhalder Switzerland 2017

A scarecrow, a storm, a broken leg. The resonant sound of a sea shell. Leaving forever.

L’ ARIA DEL MOSCERINO 5′ Lukas Von Berg Germany 2017

A tiny fruit fly gets swatted. Against all odds, it defies death in its very own way.

LINK 8′ Robert Löbel Germany 2017

Two characters are linked by their hair. They influence each other by every move they make.


GRANDPA WALRUS 14′ Lucrèce Andrea France 2017

On the cloudy, windy beach, Granny is praying, Mum is shouting, the sisters don’t care, Lucas is alone. Grandpa was a weird guy, now he’s dead.

MR NIGHT HAS A DAY OFF 2′ Ignas Meilunas Lithuania 2016 

Why is the night changing the day? Well, when you don’t like something, you change it.


DARIO 15′ Hannah Moon Australia 2014

Megan’s got what she thought she wanted – a hot surfer boyfriend and a chance to reinvent herself over the summer. But who’s the weird kid that keeps crashing her party? And how long can she get away with ignoring him?

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