Italian panorama Wiz-Art 2015

THE SNAKE 15′ Nicola Prosatore 2014

Marta is driving home when a tree falls in the middle of the street and forces her to stop. She gets out of the car and she tries to move the tree. 
Suddenly, another car appears behind her and it begins to pursue her. A series of misunderstandings in a stunning story where nothing is as it seems.

IT’S RAINING 16′ Francesco Zucchi, Lu Pulici 2013

It is a day like any other for Tony Bianchi, a respected doctor of a small village; between work, talk to the barber and a game at the bar, the doctor lives his personal routine punctuated by the “unexpected” encounters with the colorful characters of the country, that lead him to confront his role in that small and weird world. And then, as punctual as usual, comes the rain…

12cm HIGH HEELS 16′ Valerio Vestoso 2014

Miriam is a teacher and an exemplary mother. But one day, drivin by boredom, she falls into the vortex of group dancing and remains involved forever.

FЕATHERS 16′  Adriano Giotti 2014

Samuele`s job is to kill chickens. In his early thirties, he is the only Italian working in that sector of a huge food company. Every day, eight hours a day. And he hates immigrants.

SEXY SHOPPING 20′ Antonio Benedetto, Adam Selo 2014

Miah, a Bengali immigrant, decides to tell her wife about his hard life in Italy. Through a hidden camera, he starts filming his little shop…The “Sexy Shopping”.

THE AGE OF RUST 7′  Francesco Aber, Alessandro Mattei 2014

In the beautiful environment of the Alps, an extraordinary documentary about the incredible “Petramosaurus Cavator”. Through fierce fights and the miracle of birth, we will discover the incredible life cycle of this beautiful species, and in particular its relationship with man and our planet.

THRILLER 15′ Giuseppe Marco Albano 2014

Michele, a young boy from Taranto, has grown up with Michael Jackson and the ambition to enter the show business. But his dream risk to be broken by the mobilization of ILVA factory workers.

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